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matrulesok Offline

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Joined: June 2005
Posted: Aug. 12 2005,09:01 QUOTE

Ok, I have a plan to build an internet radio component for my hifi. I have seen the commercially built options and believe a mini-itx system could be better for the same price. It would use DSL and connect to my tv, but i would really like it just to start playing from a playlist of stations on bootup, and then I'd use the (mplayer or xmms) keyboard shortcuts to choose a station. I would have to have the keyboard as i cant see a remote that types stream names in....

I was planning on getting a VIA EPIA C3-800 Mini ITX mobo with a case for £120. I have an old 64mb ramstick lying around, and would use a pendrive for DSL.

I don't mind not having a hd, and was just wandering if there is anyone who could advise if this setup is feasable? i.e. does dsl work on this board (especially the tv out!)? Would I need more ram? Could I use a second pendrive as a swap partition instead?

I dont really want to buy anything else (maybee even less, a home brewed case sounds good!), so bear in mnd the strict budget!

Thanks for any thoughts and help!
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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: Aug. 12 2005,13:56 QUOTE

The only part that I can comment on is the pendrive swap. It's not a good idea. These drives are limited to writing a few million times per sector before the sector becomes unusable.  This might sound like a lot, but not if swap is constantly being written.

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mstrhelix Offline

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Posted: Aug. 15 2005,05:33 QUOTE

you will however need to buy a power supply for your new
mini-itx motherboard :)
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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: Aug. 18 2005,16:21 QUOTE

Skip the mini-ITX.

If you have a TV near your home entertainment center, buy a refurbished XBOX.

Then hack the X-BOX and install the following open source projects:

XBOX Media Center
X-DSL  -  Damn Small Linux ported over to run on an XBOX

The XBox has the following advantages:

Microsoft loses money because they sell them for a loss
Can be easily controlled using a IR remote (Xbox DVD kit)
Has an optical output for a stereo receiver (but X-DSL does not support this output yet)
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Quick Reply: Internet radio/mini itx machine

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