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300c_pilot Offline

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Posted: Jan. 07 2006,09:07 QUOTE

Tips & Tricks my not be the place for this but in order for DSL to grow and support itself, it is up to the loyal users to spreed the word of the ease of use with DSL.

I did my part today:

I went to an attorney's office today to fix his computer. I walked in and there was a large streak of red & black across his wall. I asked what happened and he said when his computer froze so he drop kicked his color printer against the wall. I used a DSL cd to boot his computer to see what went wrong. After it came up and he saw that the internet worked, the only thing he bought the computer for. He told me to move and he proceeded to go back to work. I later took out the HD and booted the computer back up via DSL. Tomorrow I will re-install the HD, which was full of Spybots and 3 virus. I do not think I will be getting my DSL disk back.

So put the word out. :)

Boise, Idaho
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MethodOne Offline

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Posted: Jan. 07 2006,23:53 QUOTE

My grandma had a similar problem.  Her system with Windows Me couldn't load to the desktop after installing a Texas-hold-'em game (one of those $10 POS titles).  So I decided to back up her files to my flash drive using DSL, but I eventually ran out of room.  Later on, she gave the system to me, which now has my Ubuntu installation.  When she got her new system running Windows XP, she couldn't connect to the Internet with several ISPs I would never think of using.  She thought the connection problem lied in the phone wiring.  This time, I brought DSL 2.0 and set up a connection using my info.  I heard the modem dial and my grandma was impressed.  To test the connection, I went to a page related to pets, one of her interests.  Now, my grandma would rather type letters with MS Word, play mahjongg solitaire, and use her Bible study tools than use the Internet.

"...Use blankets or pillows to cover your body and always stay away from Windows." -National Weather Service tornado warning
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AwPhuch Offline

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Posted: Jan. 08 2006,09:11 QUOTE

Well I would like to say my experience with DSL and noobs went as smoothly

My brother in law got an old hewlett packard 233Mhz hunka-junk outta the trash..someone chucked it out

Well to make a long story short he used DSL effectively, could chat, browse, and dork around on the internet..but didnt like the fact that ymessenger didnt have the "chatrooms" tab like the winblows version has....soooo I got a faster PIII computer and loaded it up with 192M of RAM and a 10Gig hd, and walked him thru the format/install of less than 24hrs he managed to download enuff spamware/spy crap that he is getting popups left and right and all that...even after patching fully (no more available updates), running 2 different antivirus software (mcafee and avg antivir), running spy cleaning stuff (spybot s&d and adaware), and putting zone alarm to kill all the spyware crap and it still is messed up...Cant remove this dumb a$$ flashing icon in the startbar...and all of this was behind my SmoothWall firewall

Hell he had a 45 second boot time with on the faster machine with 3x the ram it still wont boot up fully in under 4 min!

Just goes to show you that a firewall is as only good as the person behind let a schmuck loose on the web, its like letting a 10 year old drive a car...they really should licence people to use the internet!

Can I get a list of Yahoo! Chat rooms? What about localized lists?
   Tools->Room List will let you list available Yahoo! Chat rooms. Yahoo! has currently disabled user-created rooms. The option to create rooms still exists in Gaim but is non-functional unless Yahoo! re-enables user-created rooms.

   Please note that defaults to US localized chat rooms. To get a localized room list, you'll need to change the Chat Room Locale setting in the account editor, under "Show more options". In previous releases, this was known as "Chat Room List URL". The URL is no longer used; it has been replaced by a country code. These codes are the same as the country codes previously used in the URLs. Certain country codes no longer seem to work (most notably de).

   The list of known country codes is:

       * aa => Asia
       * ar => Argentina
       * au => Australia
       * br => Brazil
       * ca => Canada
       * cf => Central African Republic
       * cn => China
       * dk => Denmark
       * es => Spain
       * fr => France
       * hk => Hong Kong
       * in => India
       * it => Italy
       * kr => Korea, Republic of
       * mx => Mexico
       * no => Norway
       * se => Sweden
       * sg => Singapore
       * tw => Taiwan
       * uk => United Kingdom
       * us => United States of America

   If you discover any of these no longer work, or find other country codes that do work, please don't hesitate to contact the development team. (See the Contact Information page.) soooo gonna format his puter now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Posted: Jan. 09 2006,05:11 QUOTE

This post via WinXP, Sorry...

Thought I would let everyone that I did get my CD back. Someone in the office had made copies for all the partners in the office. 5 people were using DSL when I walked in.

We dusted off three "JUNK P3 1.5's" computers, booted with DSL & did HD installs, so now they are headed for someones desks. I told them to slip some cash your way, for saving them so much money. We will see if & when.
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Smaug Offline

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Posted: Jan. 17 2006,13:55 QUOTE

Good morning, people.(It's morning here, yet....)
I´ve been performing as a computer teacher for some months, and, as we have some old computers in the classroom (P I, with only 120Mb Ram, 500Mb HDD), I installed DSL in 6 of them, to help those little critters (a.k.a "students") on their "word processor" semester. Everything was Ok, except that they started to beg for DSL Cds to try at their homes.
After a few were burned, they were ontheir own to make more copies.
As I posted in another place here, they are now almost 30 everyday-DSL-users (still little critters, as a matter of fact...)
They use it because "their crappy windows machines make them crazy" and with DSL they can surf the web without problem.
Nice kids, those litlle m..f..critters!! :D
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