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Posted: Oct. 30 2006,12:38 QUOTE

Live-Slide-Show with a remastered DSL 3.0.1  
Fr 27. Okt 18:09:36 CEST 2006


A Step-by-step Instruktion how I did this and hints for improving

Approx time: 1/2 h
You need:
1. dsl-3.0.1-CDROM
2. cdrw-drive
3. (very) basic knowledge about shell-commands like cp, mv or mount

AA) Goal:

Insert the CDROM, start the Computer, and the SLIDE SHOW begins ...
(Well, actually there are no slides but pictures ...)

BB) Overview:

> Start DSL with no boot-options
> Set Desktop-Behavior, Wallpaper,Style, Sreen-Resolution,... to your liking, resp. so the new CDROM will likely work in the new enviroment.
> Create/change/copy nessesary dir's and files
> Save the lot as backup.tar.gz
> reboot DSL with "toram"-option (otherwise the CD-remaster-skript complains)
> start the remaster-skript, answer some questions, burn the CDROM
>> restart, do nothing, ENYOY YOUR PICTURE SCHOW from your new CDROM (hopefully)

This may not be the most elegant way to do this, but:
1. it worked for me
2. as a "mpm" (mouse-push-maniac), I'm just a "dsd" (dammned-skript-dummy).

CC) Let's go! (Preliminaries:)

- Start DSL with no boot-options
#mount /mnt/hda10 (my value, apartition with enough space, change it to your inner desires..)
#mkdir /mnt/hda10/dslremaster
This will be the root-dir of the remastered MyDSL-CDROM (in this document referred as "myDSL-root-dir")
#mkdir /mnt/hda10/DSLremaster/optional
#mkdir /mnt/hda10/DSLremaster/pic-show
#mkdir /mnt/hda10/DSLremaster/data

- cp all programms to start at boot-time into myDSL-root-dir )***1
- cp all progs to start manually into /optional
- cp all Pictures in an alphabetikal/numerical order into /pic-show
- cp all the rest you want on the CDROM into /data

DD) Behavior of the CDROM:

Now some changes to the default-behavior of DSL:
> Set Desktop-Behavior, Wallpaper,Style, Sreen-Resolution,...

The CDROM schould start with no user-interaction automagicaly into the user "DSL", start xzgv and show the first pic zoomed in fullscreen.
To do this, we have to alter 2 files in the DSL-user home-dir:

> disable dillo on start
> mount cdrom
> start with xzgv with some options )***2
> 24 hour-time
> rename Workspace 1 into "1 = Bilder Schau"
> )***3

# dillo /usr/share/doc/DSL/getting_started.html &>/dev/null &
mount /mnt/auto/cdrom
xzgv -f -z --exif-orient /mnt/auto/cdrom/pic-show/* &>/dev/null &

session.screen0.strftimeFormat: %A, %d.%m.%Y   %H:%M:%S
session.screen0.workspaceNames: 1 = Bilder Schau ,= 2 =,= 3 =,= 4 =,

If you like you can put some files in the home-dir of DSL. I added a Linux-1.-help.pdf file and created a link to a nice Desktop-icon.

All these changes have to be stored now:
- Klick on DSL-Panel/Backup enter "hda10"
- Klick "OK"
A file "backup.tar.gz" will be created in /mnt/hda10/

- try-out your settings with a reboot and no boot-option. If not satisfied, go back to DD) {You can skip this step}
- mv backup.tar.gz to the myDSL-root-dir as "myconfig.tar.gz" (Note: the default behavior of knoppix ist, to look for this file on the root-dir of the CDROM and execute it with no user interaction needed)

EE) Now we're nearly done!

A small detail: As we have the Backup-process started, on reboot the system is looking for backup.tar.gz. Now we have to disable that.
I did this "my way":

#del /mnt/hda10/backup.tar.gz
(If still exist; if you did mv, this step is obsolete)
#umount /mnt/hda10
(Probably not nessasary, but see Hint below)
- Go to DSL-Panel/Backup
- Click on "None". A Message apears (see Hint below)
- OK

For me, the warning in DSL-Panel/Backup is not very clear:
"This will clear the backup device!
No backup. No Automatic Restore.
Until device is re-entered. Are you sure?"

Will only the file/(device?) backup.tar.gz cleared/(deleted?) or the whole partition/device/HD it is in?
Someone who knows and has a better understanding of semantic, please change/clerify
this message!

FF) The final step:

- reboot mit boot-option "dsl toram" (For me it worked without option "2", so I have a nice desktop to push the mouse)
#mount /mnt/hda10
- start the nice CD-remaster-skript by Robert Shingledecker Apps/Tools/Make myDSL CD remaster
- Answer the 8 Questions as follows: (note:these are my values)
1 #/mnt/hda10/DSLremaster (extension-dir)
2 #/mnt/hda10/ (myDSL.iso-dir)
 Copying begins ...
 When finished, there are 2 more dirs and 1 file in my myDSL-root-dir: /KNOPPIX /boot and /index.html.
I exchanged index.html with one with with german langage. (You would bee surprised, how easy even the most simple instructions in non-native langage can confuse people - especially on a screen!)
3 #lang=de (boot-time options)
 (Well, think about your enviroment the CDROM has to work. Maybe add: toram vga=..., waitusb, config=scan,  ...)
4 No nead to open a second xzterm; everything done in step CC) (but last chance to change/add something)
5 OK (Capital letters!) (The mydsl.iso image file will be created)
6 OK  (the burning begins ...)
7 0,1,0 (my burner is 2nd drive)
8 12 (Faster speed give me burning errors, see for yourself)

GG) YOU ARE HERE: Put the newly burned CDROM in your drive, boot and ENYOY !

- A feature in xzgv that changes picture timed as in gqview or feh
- looping like gqview
- some nice blending between the pics
- sort of scan to find the dir "pix-show", wherever it ist in (Floppy, USB, hda1, ...)
Who can help?

- maybee set xzgv parameter in ~/.xzgvrc for easyer fiddeling with them and have a user-wide consistant behavier (especielly the zoom option)
- better lang-support
- tryout gqview -f -s /mnt/auto/pic-show

Known caveat:
- xzgv is slow, taker 1 ... 2 sec to open next picture
- gqview can't exif-orient?
- gqview open still the main-window
- gqviewrc always re-created while booting? - no user-own gqviewrc?
- gtksee same as gqview?

- Use gqview instead of xzgv (has timer and pre-load and loop)
-  wmbubble instead torsmo
- qiv ?
Changes to make:

gqview.dsl into mydsl-root-dir

gqview -f -s /mnt/auto/cdrom/pic-show/* &>/dev/null &
wmbubble &

END of Step-by-step instruktions Live-Slide-Show
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John Offline

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Posted: Oct. 31 2006,20:28 QUOTE

BopART, that's a great howto, thanks for sharing!
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humpty Offline

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Posted: Nov. 02 2006,04:46 QUOTE

can you make a mydsl.extension of it ?
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BopART Offline

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Posted: Nov. 02 2006,16:44 QUOTE

Well, it might come to that. At the moment I''m still not satisfied. Looking for a better viewer. Found qiv, thou qiv can't exif-orient, but has timer and loop.
I simpified some steps; no need to reboot for making the remaster.iso
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