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Damn small newb Offline

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Joined: Jan. 2007
Posted: Jan. 06 2007,17:43 QUOTE

Mkay then. Fisrt, yeah im a total Linux virgin, so be gentle.

Redmont's "finest" decided to screw me over and now I cant get anything out of the hd.

I managed to boot the laptop with dsl just fine, but things just can't ever bee that easy.

Question: How do I get to use the data on on my hd with the hotseat version of dsl ? I did mount the hda1 on the lower right corner, but thats bout how far I'v gotten so far.

I intend to upload most of the important files to an usb stick and then just do a total re-format. So if getting the usb working needs some other tricks then those too plz.

Detailed info would be great. Remember, I'v never used linux before so everything is new to me and NO I don' understand the linguae.

10 points to whome ever gets the problem solved and the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing they have steared me towards the light and salvation
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BenoitRen Offline

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Posted: Jan. 14 2007,18:11 QUOTE

I'm wondering the same thing. I tried going to it in the file manager.


Neither path contained anything. The file system my hard drive uses is FAT32.
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Jan. 14 2007,18:32 QUOTE

Unless you are running the latest DSL release, first have your pendrive plugged in when you boot up DSL.

First thing, use the mount tool, the little squre in the lower righ hand corner, click on fd0 area, grey area, click on cdrom, keep clicking there until you see sda1. sda1 is typically your pendrive, click the red, unmounted area, should turn green. Click on grey area again, until you see your hard drive partition. Windows typically installs into first partition, your likely will be hda1, click the red unmounted, area. It should trun green to indicate it is mounted.

On desktop Emelfm Icon, this is the file manager, right click and select "Emelfm as Super User".
This should open with two panels showing.

On the left side, click on bookmarks, and select /mnt
Then on the list presented, find and double click on the partition name that matched that which you mounted, hda1

You should see the files on that mounted device partition.

On the right panel, do the same, click bookmarks, select /mnt
Double click on sda1. You should see the files on the pendrive.

If you make it here you are read to copy.

Navigate to file(s) on the left pane and highlite, ie, single click.
Then click on the Copy button in the middle area. The file will be copied to the pendrive.

Repeat copying files as required.

When you are done...

Be sure to use that mount tool and click the green area, mounted, to make it turn red, unmounted before you remove the device. Or if you want just shutdown the system and then you are you can safely remove the device.

Take your pendrive to another computer and verify that you indeed have copied your files.

Good Luck.
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JROCK2004 Offline

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Posted: Jan. 31 2007,20:18 QUOTE

what if all that there is, is fd0 and cdrom what could I do?
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snee Offline

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Joined: Feb. 2007
Posted: Feb. 06 2007,08:29 QUOTE

Quote (JROCK2004 @ Jan. 31 2007,15:18)
what if all that there is, is fd0 and cdrom what could I do?

I had that same thing - sda1 wasn't appearing in the mount tool in the bottom right.

But if you open the mount tool through the menu (right click - System - Mount Tool), it DOES appear there...

Hope this helps  :)
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