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roberts Offline

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Posted: May 11 2008,22:58 QUOTE

Thanks to mikshaw for:
Code Sample

Title:          coreutils.uci
Description:    file shell and text manipulation utilities
Version:        6.11
Author:         see /opt/coreutils/AUTHORS
Copying-policy: GPL 3
Filesize:       2.2M  ====================================================
Extension by:   mikshaw [mrblog*yahoo*com]
Comments:       These are the GNU core utilities. Although many of these
               applications are already available in DSL with BusyBox,
               the functionality of those tools is somewhat limited in
               favor of a much smaller file size.
               Programs included in this package...
               [          du         md5sum     rmdir      test
               base64     echo       mkdir      runcon     touch
               basename   env        mkfifo     seq        tr
               cat        expand     mknod      sha1sum    true
               chcon      expr       mktemp     sha224sum  tsort
               chgrp      factor     mv         sha256sum  tty
               chmod      false      nice       sha384sum  uname
               chown      fmt        nl         sha512sum  unexpand
               chroot     fold       nohup      shred      uniq
               cksum      groups     od         shuf       unlink
               comm       head       paste      sleep      uptime
               cp         hostid     pathchk    sort       users
               csplit     id         pinky      split      vdir
               cut        install    pr         stat       wc
               date       join       printenv   stty       who
               dd         kill       printf     sum        whoami
               df         link       ptx        sync       yes
               dir        ln         pwd        tac
               dircolors  logname    readlink   tail
               dirname    ls         rm         tee
               In order to use these tools as full replacements for the
               Busybox apps, your PATH variable must be set to include
               /opt/coreutils/bin at the beginning. To set the path for
               just a single command:
               PATH="/opt/coreutilsi/bin:$PATH" <command>
               To set the path for a specific shell and its children:
               export PATH="/opt/coreutils/bin:$PATH"
               To set the path for all shells, edit $HOME/.bash_profile
               to include the export command above, exit the X session,
               and then enter the command "source $HOME/.bash_profile".
Change-log:     2005/11/03 - First, version 5.92
Current:        2008/05/06 - Update to 6.11
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chaostic Offline

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Posted: May 17 2008,08:53 QUOTE

Quick question, whats the difference of these and gnu-utils.dsl (Except for the uci and dsl flavor)
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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: May 17 2008,12:14 QUOTE

GNU-utils is built specifically as a semi-replacement for DSL's version of Busybox.  The applications it has were determined by which Busybox apps could benefit most from an "upgrade", and they were obtained from various sources.

Coreutils is the official name of a particular GNU software package of tools that are installed in nearly every mainstream distribution.  Busybox and DSL have no influence on which apps it has.

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