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Dimacus Offline

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Joined: Jan. 2007
Posted: Jan. 17 2007,13:55 QUOTE

I was looking around for a nice small and fast linux dist and found DSL.
So following the guide for loadlin on the wiki i encounter a problem;

The kernel panics when it tries to mount root fs to /dev/ram
i get the error "Unable to mount root fs on 01:00", i belive this might be the cause (?) "FAT: bogus logical sector size 0".

so i do a little testing and when i tell it to mount root to /dev/hda1 it boots, but panics again saying it didnt find init and suggests that i pass init=x to the kernel.
I have done that and it points to '/etc/init'.
i guess that i wont find init there since it havent mounted the knoppix image yet (can i ever mount root to /dev/hda1 ?).

Im quiet new to linux, so the problem is probably something really stupid.

the specs for the libretto 50ct is
75mhz pentium
16mb ram
1mb video ram (max resolution 640x480 on the lcd, internal 1024x768)
~800mb hdd (one fat32 partition).
one pcmcia slot

i have a toshiba f-to-tcd-24 24x cdrom that works, it needs special drivers thoug.

I've searched around quiet some for some solution for my problem, but i haven't found anything that gets me past these two problems.
I have also looked at the isolinux.cfg file and tried different most variants of the options there.
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^thehatsrule^ Offline

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Posted: Jan. 17 2007,23:42 QUOTE

"FAT: bogus logical sector size 0"
Maybe theres a problem with your current drive/partition setup.
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Dimacus Offline

Group: Members
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Joined: Jan. 2007
Posted: Jan. 19 2007,15:13 QUOTE

Whee, I fixed it, with help of old forum posts :)
Well, atleast i get into bash now, X is however another chapter.

I downloaded the floppy install image and tried to go that way.
But it segfaulted as soon as it tried to map the paths to the ramdisk.
So, after searching around on diffrent places (this forum beinging one of them), and finding nothing I decide to search the forums here again.
And behold! the default search is to search only posts from this month! (i need to start notice these things earlier!)
So I find this exelent thread:;st=40

It seems like I have to specify that the machine has only 16megs of ram by passing 'mem=16M' during boot.

Now I have a diffrent problem, it seems as if it dosnt take all commands i give during boot.
Even if i add xsetup i dont get to setup X, if i add rw it still mounts in read-only.
The commands that it seems to ignore is 'expert' 'failsafe' 'lowram' 'install' 'fbXXXxXXX' 'rw' and 'xsetup'.
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