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clivesay Offline

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Posted: Jan. 28 2004,21:49 QUOTE

Wondering if someone can help me or point me to a tutorial that covers when you don't want to install using apt-get. I tried installing a tar.gz file that I downloaded but haven't had any luck. I have read through the forum enough to know that I needed to do dpkg-restore. I then apt-get installed gcc g++ make. after taring the file I go to the directory and start to execute all the necessary commands. I saw an error about pkg-config so I made sure I had it installed. I still had problems so someone suggested I install gtk and it's dependancies. When I do that, there are other files that things like atk, pongo, glib, etc.. are looking for. It seems like the demands for additional files are endless! I may not have listed everything here in the correct order...but you get the picture.

I know DSL is stripped down so I am sure there are gyrations you have to go through to compile packages. Can anyone give me a breakdown of what needs to installed after a hd-install via apt-get to get to the point of being able to compile things such as tar.gz?

This is such a great distro for learning!

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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: Jan. 29 2004,03:08 QUOTE

The potential dependencies for a tar.gz source file are staggering.

It is possible for the author of the program to use any one of several hundred development libraraies as part of his program.  This means that you need to have these libraries on your Linux system in order to compile the source code.

There is no easy one-size-fits-all answer.

If you wish to compile a specific program, you can sometimes find out the required dependencies by visiting the author's home page. If the project documentation is well-maintained, then there is a list of the dependencies provided for your reading pleasure.

Good Luck.
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trigggl Offline

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Posted: Feb. 19 2004,18:50 QUOTE

It may be easier to build a .deb with a Knoppix cd that uses the same kernel.  A cd from a couple months ago should be good for 0.6.  It's best to do a manual mount of the DSL drive where you should have the tar.gz or folder.  Well, that will work if the file came with the command to build the .deb.  That's what I did for the ltmodem driver.  

Don't try to use the GUI in Knoppix.  It causes file permission errors.
Code Sample
mount /dev/dsl-hd /mnt/dsl-hd
cd /mnt/dsl-hd/tar.gz-folder
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Posted: Mar. 02 2004,08:14 QUOTE

Im trying to get cardmgr to recognize my Belkin wireless card. The only linux ive got it working on is Mini Knoppix, which has the atmel ( driver on it.

Ive got the atmel tar.bz2 file on my comp, with dsl working on a hdinstall. I can unpack the tar.bz2 file, but after that im completely lost.

In the readme, pretty much all it says is Run "make config", but dsl wont recognize the command "make", so im not sure what to do.
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