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Topic: DSL is great .. (noob is happy)
started by: freek

Posted by freek on Oct. 29 2003,03:23
Tried a view distro's .. Mandrake, Phat, Winlinux, etc. ... no succes .... i am a total NOOB
Knoppix Live-CD did the trick .. it worked ! .. but I wanted it as a HD-install .. next to W98 (sorry) .. not enough space on the HD ..
Then I met DSL .. WAUW .. download it .. burn it .. HD-install it .. and .. I AM RUNNING LINUX .. I love it !!!! .. IT WORKS !

Little problems .. ok .. soundcard is a problem (ALS120) .. but I can play audioCD .. and .. printer (HP Deskjet 670C) do know how to config that ..

So need some help with sound and printing

but ..

Happy with it for now .. :)

greetings, Freek

Posted by ovitz on Oct. 29 2003,04:33
I feel your pain. I have a Compaq Armada 1573DM, and I can't find sound drivers for it. Pity me!
Posted by Robert Van den Heuvel on Oct. 30 2003,01:09
I love DSL.... my latest experiment is my resurrection of a "dead" laptop... I'm running DSL on a CompactFlash card as the primary boot drive of the laptop.

My IBM A20 laptop fell off a 3-foot table and the hard drive & CD-ROM drives both are failing to connect to the mobo, so I did a HD-Install of DSL onto a CF card, got a 2.5" CF-ATA-laptop drive adaptor, and viola', I am up and running again. Somehow the CF gets recognized every time on bootup, rather reliably versus the 12gb IBM drive.

I'm even running effortlessly on my Wireless network using a cheap $15 WIFI card I picked up on e-bay! Some no-name brand, to boot. They probably made it NE2000 compatible or WD803-compatible. Something standard.

My goal is to have a portable network tester for my clients & a machine I can do some work on while in the yard. I am also finishing up an entire PC that consumes less than 5 watts.... a mini-ITX system running DSL, using a UPS as a power source on my wireless network.

Play, play, play ;-)

Posted by libretto on Nov. 06 2003,14:21

I'm in a similar position to you, liking DSL, but had no sound or printing.

I think my laptop didnt pick up the soundchip, is because I had installed DSL on the laptop HDD which was in my main PC (no cd-rom on laptop).

If you have a hunt round 'The Linux Documentation Project' www.tldp.org or any good linux guide, you can find details to finding the kernel module for your sound chipset. Then you can 'insert' the module and the sound should work (remembering to add all the option commands).

eg mine is: modrpobe opl3sa2 io=0x370 irq=5 etc................

As for printing, I dont know either, I need to add a printer so I can get my parallel port zip drive to work. Again look for the printing guid on tldp.

Hope this helps! ;)

P.S.: And if you havent guessed I'm a noob to this aswell, although DSL is being a good learning experience.

Posted by davide on Nov. 06 2003,16:13
also www.linuxprinting.org


should help
good luck

Posted by libretto on Nov. 06 2003,16:27
:D thanks very much davide for the page a life saver!
after restarting the lpd printer spooler, I didnt get the usual error messages, so i think it will now work!

< http://www.linuxprinting.org/lpd-doc.html > has the info

Posted by libretto on Nov. 06 2003,16:38
Now Ijust need to work out how to install my Samsung 1210! :S
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