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started by: DrWatt

Posted by DrWatt on Nov. 04 2003,17:32
Installed AbiWord today in DSL. It works, but its crippled. I think I may need to bump up the space on my partition. Its 200M now, but with Apache and Abiword, things are just not quite right. Why do I feel this is leading me to a full Debian?
Posted by ImNotHere on Nov. 04 2003,20:52
well.. by installing extra software you are breaking the carefully mastered balance of software included on the disk =)
Posted by davide on Nov. 04 2003,21:11
hum...a debian is a good solution, but for such small hard disks..I don't know if it will fit.
Anyway you know it's much faster to add software to a small distro than to strip bigger distros.
In that case, there's always the risk of messing something up.
so, at the end...I think that DSL will be the best solution in the end...

Posted by DrWatt on Nov. 04 2003,21:39
Ah yes, but I have a wasted 900 Meg of dos partition on that disk. Surely Bill won't mind me deleting that. If I break someting (again), I will just start fresh. It's fun ain't it?
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