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Topic: Dell C810 hang at boot
started by: m700

Posted by m700 on April 16 2006,07:49
I use DSL v2.3 and boot from CD. Computer is DELL
Latitude C810 256MB RAM

System hang at the point PCMCIA found, starting cardmgr

(ok I can use nopcmcia, but I need WiFI LAN card)

any idea?


Posted by aveline on April 17 2006,00:11
I'd try booting with:

dsl noacpi noapic noapm ... (try them one by one first, then adding one to the other in combination).

As an aside, and strange as this sounds, I have to boot my desktop PIII 550 with nopcmcia or it detects a pcmcia card/bus/something on the motherboard.  go figure that out. ???


Posted by cbagger01 on April 17 2006,04:40
You might be able to get it to work if you boot with nopcmcia and then make changes like this.  It worked for a guy with a C810 and a Debian installation:

From the linux-dell-laptops FAQ: < >

7.  Help!  PCMCIA is crashing my laptop!
Many distributions come with a PCMCIA card services package that isn't
compatible with many of the Dell's (the Inspiron 8000 has this problem
for one).  The three things you need to do to try and fix it are (do
them in this order):
1) Edit your  /etc/pcmcia/config.opts and change the "include
  port" line to read as follows:
       include port 0x100-0x4ff, port 0xc00-0xcff
  (i.e.: remove the range 0x800-0x8ff).  This should cause the
  lock-up to go away.  (Thanks to Marc Swanson for this one)
1) Download the source for pcmcia-cs and recompile it, making
  sure you answer Yes to the PnP Bios resource checking
3) If THIS isn't helping you fix it, and your
  PCMCIA configuration file (under Red Hat this is in
  /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia, under Debian it's
  /etc/pcmcia.conf) has a line that says "PCIC=i82365",
  then try changing it to say "PCIC=yenta_socket"

Posted by och on July 08 2008,14:57
I just got a second hand Latitude C800 and the nopcmcia cheatcode is the only way to boot DSL. I need this interface.
How can I implement the modification of /etc/pcmcia/config.opts in a frugal install? Where should I look for that file?

Posted by lucky13 on July 08 2008,15:42
How can I implement the modification of /etc/pcmcia/config.opts in a frugal install?

Add it to /opt/.filetool.lst.

cf: < >

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