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started by: digerati

Posted by digerati on Oct. 12 2003,07:01
I really like the looks and size of DSL, however, it would be infinitely more useful (to me anyway) if I could select a different keyboard layout;  dvorak in my case.

Any chance on seeing a feature like this in a future release?

Posted by skaos on Oct. 14 2003,10:40
There are some keymaps in /usr/share/keymaps/i386/dvorak. To change the keymap (probably there are other ways, but this is the only way I have found):

1. crtl+alt+backspace (to kill X)
2. loadkeys dvorak
3. startx (to restart X)

Posted by minimalcomputing on Oct. 18 2003,01:58
See also the Help forum. It has a Keyboard section.
Posted by Digerati on Oct. 21 2003,16:26
Outstanding!  Thanks for the information.
Posted by MarCNeT on Oct. 27 2003,01:17
Ive tried searching the fourm myself but I cant find an answer to this:

I have a UK keyboard layout, and im running DSL in VMware workstaion using the supplied VMware X server.

Ive got everything up and running... but there's one small annnoyance:

The Backspace key dosnt work properly. It should move the cursor left and delete that character... but it only does the latter. Is there a nice and simple way to get the backspace key to work under DSL / VMware?

Posted by libretto on Oct. 27 2003,10:22
I'm having problems with keyboard layouts.

I tried changing mine to the UK layout, buit it doesn't seem to have done anything. Its probably mostly to do with my laptop being a Libretto. Where or how can I do a custom keymap? :S

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