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started by: DrWatt

Posted by DrWatt on Nov. 02 2003,13:33
I want to thank John for creating DSL and giving me my first positive experience with linux.

I toyed with installing RedHat in vairous flavors on old obsolete comuters for years, but was never happy with the installs, since I could never get X to properly recognize my video cards. I had no need of a web server or other things linux does best, so I would just put the CDs back on the shelf.

Along comes John and DSL and I installed it on my old Compaq Presario 3060, which has a built in TFT screen and S3Aurora64+.  Unfortunately, this machine has only 32Meg of Ram. Redhat and others recognize the card (sort of) but do to RAM limitations wouldn't run X on it.  DSL ran first time out of the burner.

I was so impressed and happy, I immediately installed to the HD and have never looked back. My interest in linux has been rekindled. I am currently working on installing a few more apps using apt-get.

Thanks again John.   :D

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