HD install still has mouse bug in 0.4.10

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Topic: HD install still has mouse bug in 0.4.10
started by: Bengal571

Posted by Guest on Oct. 22 2003,16:31
I noticed the mouse bugfix on the newest 0.4.10 version, however, it still remains in the HD install.


Posted by John on Oct. 22 2003,17:05
Please give me some more detail.  I've ran a few post-install tests and could not find any glitches.
Posted by John on Oct. 22 2003,20:44
Anybody else see have a post-install X bug?
Posted by monkeypox on Oct. 23 2003,01:05
My usb mouse is working fine now with 0.4.10.  My setup is booting from the floppy with dsl on my windows partition c:\knoppix (no burner).

How can I make this writable without creating a seperate ext2 partition?  Kind of like those "linux/beos in a file" things with loadlin.exe.  Then I could grow or shrink a disk image without mucking with lilo.

This is a great distro, very nice!

Posted by Guest on Oct. 23 2003,13:39
One key piece of information that I forgot to include is that I am running DSL from inside VMWare on a Windows 2000 machine. I have not actually tried a hd install on a stand alone computer.

However, when I boot the VMWare machine from the CD, the mouse works no bug. But when I boot from the hd, the first time I move the mouse, the Workspace moves to #3 and the right-click menu pops up. When I left click on the desktop it straightens out and works correctly from that point on. It just seems odd that it works differently between the CD and hd.

On the CD it runs the script to ask about USB mouse and them IMPS/2. Maybe it initializes the mouse after the script and that is the difference.


Posted by John on Oct. 23 2003,16:09
Thank you for explaining more.  That menu rendering oddity is actually universal if one selects scroll support.  It happens when Fluxbox first launches.

Interestingly, that menu rendering effect will not happen if you select a two or three button mouse.  IMO it is an annoyance, but it is a small price to pay for a functional scroll wheel.  I'm looking into a cosmetic solution.

Posted by Brent Anderson on Oct. 24 2003,01:40
If you are talking about the cursor is a big "x" them I have it when I boot from the cd, version 0.4.10


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