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started by: neilroberts

Posted by neilroberts on Dec. 05 2003,17:32
I have tried a couple different distributions of linux in the past and was always very frustrated with how difficult it was to install on my particular motherboard or how half my devices weren't supported or how damn slow it ran even on decent hardware.

I downloaded the iso for DSL last night and burned the CD. I rebooted with it and was stunned to see the desktop appear. With a couple settings changes, I was sending a gloating email to my linux nerd brother a total of 8 minutes after sticking the cdrom in there and wondering what to do at the [boot] prompt.  I'm amazed at what fits in there and how well it works on other machines (it even works on my clunky old 200mhz laptop that win98 barely runs on anymore).

Anyway, I'm playing around with it more and more and loving DSL. I'm learning something new every few minutes, let alone every day. The forums are full of good stuff.

This is going to be fun.


Posted by Asmodeus on Dec. 07 2003,19:48
Posted by DStrick64 on Dec. 10 2003,22:15
Absolutely correct.  I have been fooling with Linux since Mandrake Version 6.0.  Found DistroWatch after trying again with RedHat 9 and dug around until I saw DSL.  Figured it was worth a try.  Downloaded the ISO and then spent a little time learning how to burn the ISO image.  Once I got that done, I put the CD in my little old Dell Inspiron 3000 (Pentium 100 Mhz MMX, 2 Gigabyte Disk Drive and a PCMCIA LAN card that I could not get to work with any version of Windows or the other Linux distros.  Booted and it not only found and set up the PCMCIA LAN card, brought up the Cable Modem Internet connection, AND my Logitech USB Wheel Mouse (correctly identifying it down to the exact model number, by the way), but it also handled the video/X screen setup with no input from me.  I was stunned and very happy.  I was browsing the Web with in a few seconds of booting up.
Now the only thing I have left to fix is audio -- I can't get any sound out of it yet.  I did a hard drive install and have learned how to download and install FluxBox themes (very cool).  Any tips on the sound would be appreciated.

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