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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Oct. 14 2003,23:22
Just to say that Damn Small Linux boots and runs great on a Damn Small Computer, a mini-ITX system. This is a Via C3 800Mhz tiny, and I mean tiny computer. It has no hard drive, just cdrom, 256M, and ethernet. It runs silently and with the latest mods John has added I can connect and mount drives. Very cool. thin client.
Posted by John on Oct. 15 2003,05:21
Robert, I am very interested in your setup.  Have you done any right-ups on it?  Can you email me any pertinent information and/or urls?
Posted by roberts on Oct. 15 2003,09:57

Check out:  www.mini-itx.com
Look in projects section. I like the Commodore 64 @ 900Mhz !
For a long time I could not find distributor in US. But now I can:
They sell full systems and parts. I just bought individual pieces and everything works. I like that it is so small and quiet.

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