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started by: cylock

Posted by cylock on Sep. 27 2007,22:45
I will see a topic I want to respond to but if I go to the page via new tab, from where I first saw it and follow links or use the back button in my browser, when I click on "reply" button I just get "You are not alled to post to this subject.   You are NOT logged in.

Any Ideas?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 27 2007,23:42
Did you select "yes" in "Remember my log in details?" ?  If yes, then check if your browser has cookies enabled.
Posted by stevesr0 on Sep. 29 2007,13:36
Just noted today that I had the same problem repeatedly with the Dillo browser, and then switched to the Firefox browser and was able to log in AND post (including this one).  

Don't know if it was happenstance.  I am spending enough time as is, but if other people notice this also...


Posted by stevesr0 on Sep. 29 2007,18:16
Came back a second time and again did not "hold" my log in with Dillo but does with Firefox.

Lesson learned: I will use Firefox.


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