parted.dsl screen black on black?

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Topic: parted.dsl screen black on black?
started by: rcurrier

Posted by rcurrier on Dec. 03 2007,19:29
Greetings! Running the MyDsl parted app brings up a screen that is dark on dark and is unreadable. Is there a way to change the color scheme to correct this? Haven't found a way so far.
Posted by roberts on Dec. 04 2007,04:11
This posted really belongs in the MyDSL section.
The issue is the extension is using -rv flag and that conflicts with aterm transparency.

This is the current menu item from the extension:
sudo rxvt -rv -T "Parted Partitioning Program" -e /sbin/parted

Change it to:
sudo rxvt  -T "Parted Partitioning Program" -e /sbin/parted

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 04 2007,12:52
Or open aterm and type: sudo  /sbin/parted
Posted by roberts on Dec. 04 2007,16:25
The extension really need to be fixed.
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