DSL 4.0 HD install on IBM Thinkpad600

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Topic: DSL 4.0 HD install on IBM Thinkpad600
started by: Bonsaii

Posted by Bonsaii on Dec. 04 2007,09:36

and many thanks for creating DSL!

We just installed DSL 4.0 on an old TP600
(233MHz, 3.1GB HD, 192Mb RAM) and
it runs extremely well.

DSL is the only distribution, where the screen
and the  sound card (small work around) work
Firefox 2, Flashplayer 9 and Java 6 are all
running smoothly and at great speed.

DSL works, where other Linux distributions
(ubuntu, Kanotix, PuppyLinux, etc.)  failed.

The Thinkpad600 is almost 10 years old.
With DSL it works perfectly for private use
(browsing, chatting, small office work, etc.)

The installation took less then 30 minutes,
no help was needed.

Again, many thanks!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Bonsaii on Dec. 22 2007,11:14
Just added a wlan card to the TP600.
As recommended in the Wiki I bought a D-Link DWL-G650.

If it wasn't for my own mistakes, the card would have been up and running in a minute, "out of the box".

All it took was:

# sudo ifconfig ath0 up


# sudo pump -i ath0

and the connection was there.

DSL is absolutely great, I love it!

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