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Topic: How does the "New Posts" button work on this forum
started by: john.martzouco

Posted by john.martzouco on Dec. 06 2007,23:01
The subject is slightly misleading.  I use the "New Posts" link all the time to keep up with active discussion.  Generally I find it helpful, and I keep track of the last timestamp I saw so I can filter the returns.

My question really is, "how come the New Posts link doesn't remember the last time I checked?".

Today, it's been very apparent that the logic behind the New Posts is not user specific.  I'm guessing that it displays entries made during the last X hours or something like that.  Today it was very apparent because it returned an empty list once, and then returned three or four results two minutes later.  It's not very dependable.

I feel like I may have missed something important and have no way of knowing for sure.

Of course, I can come up with other strategies to mitigate this, but I wish the New Posts was better tuned.

Please pardon me for saying this, I don't want to offend anyone, and I don't understand why you are using ikonboard, but the functionality of this forum is far below what I've experienced on other boards.  I use a couple of phpBB boards and they are much friendlier in their Search and their "New since last visit" capabilities.


Posted by lucky13 on Dec. 06 2007,23:10
I doubt you missed anything. There hasn't been much activity today. You can always compare what you see in "new" versus the forum entry to see which sections have had activity.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Dec. 08 2007,04:17
For recent posts I do the same as what lucky13 suggested.

The old DSL-N used phpBB but were shut down and a section in these forums was created instead.

Although I still don't like how you can't change the default search options (except server side I suppose), these forums works.  Afaik phpBB has many problems and require lots of updating and monitoring - but it looks like these boards are running an older version of the board anyways so that may be a moot point on the subject of security.  Not to mention it probably has better performance due to it using cgi over php.  There aren't many benefits in changing the board software... or are there?

Posted by john.martzouco on Dec. 08 2007,08:41
Can one of you explain what you mean by "the same as what lucky13 suggested"?


Posted by curaga on Dec. 08 2007,08:46
Well, in the forum front page, the icon is blue if there are new posts in that category, and grey if there aren't..
Posted by john.martzouco on Dec. 08 2007,16:58
I found a more comfortable way... I go to the Search page and search for evrything (*) from This Week and newer.

All I need to remember is the last moment I checked messages (like roughly yesterday afternoon) and I know anything newer than (above) that is fresh.


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