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started by: jpsimm

Posted by jpsimm on Dec. 11 2007,07:00
Imagine my delight when there was one copy of the DSL book on the shelf at Fry Electronics.   I bought it of course.   When I got home I tried to boot up the CD and here's what happened.

It began to boot OK then stopped stating that no Knoppix filesystem was detected so I was being given only a few prompt commands to work with.   I was unable to enter any command and my computer is set for bios to control the keyboard and mouse.

Why did this happen?     Why should it expect to find a knoppix filesystem? I've downloaded and booted DSL before and never had this happen?   Supposing I had no HD.   Expecting to find any filesystem is not what I expected.

So I went to the boot options and typed in:  "toram" and it replied something like "no kernel found".   HUH?   This is the CD from the DSL book!!!!!

What gives with the CD in the book.   Isn't is a system CD and bootable or what?


trying not to be discouraged :(

Posted by john.martzouco on Dec. 11 2007,14:06
Maybe there's something wrong with that particular disk... or your CD drive is having trouble reading it?

Is there an MD5SUM for the entire disk that you might be able to check?

Is there a utility on the disk that might check it's integrity?

Have you ever had difficulty reading from other CDs in that drive?

Posted by roberts on Dec. 11 2007,17:05
While I create several editions each time I publish DSL, the book would only accomodate one cdrom.

The book has the isolinux edition of DSL v3.3.  Your computer may not be able to accomodate isolinux. Some older computer require syslinux edition of DSL to boot.

You can download the syslinux edition. If you want the exact same version to match the book's content, then you can find dsl-3.3-syslinux.iso and its matching md5 checksum file, dsl-3.3-syslinux.iso.md5.txt in the archive section of ibiblio < here. >

Or likely as well on any mirror near you. Just look for and download the 3.3-syslinux edition.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Dec. 11 2007,18:41
A side node:
So I went to the boot options and typed in:  "toram" and it replied something like "no kernel found".   HUH?   This is the CD from the DSL book!!!!!
That's the wrong use of "toram" because it is a boot option.  See the wiki page, F2/F3, etc. for more details.

Posted by jpsimm on Dec. 11 2007,19:16
My computer is new.   I had understood that ISOlinux for was for older machines so I will download from the mirror, the 3.3 version w/o the linux part.  

First I think I'll get out my old Compac Presario and try that but it's only 16 MB of RAM.

I'll also open the disk in Vista to check sum.

OH Well,

Thanks for the good responses.

Posted by roberts on Dec. 11 2007,20:26
If yours is a new computer (sata hard drive) then perhaps you need to use the sata boot option. If your computer is all sata  (cdrom/dvd) then perhaps it will not work.
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