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Topic: The most fantastic dist ever
started by: vilde

Posted by vilde on Dec. 20 2007,10:45
I have to thank you roberts and all others working with DSL.

I just did a new frugal install on my wireless, laptop, with a CF card, the old installation was 3.2 and I did a new (4.2) now not an upgrading because I thought maybe to much problems otherwise.

I'm not using DSL on my main box, there I use Sidux for having a little more applications to chose from but I also use the DSL laptop nearly every day.

One big benefit to use DSL and also Sidux is that both forums are full of helpful and friendly users. Forums where you can come with "stupid" questions and anyway get an answer and not a lot of shit as you can get on a lot of other places.  Here with DSL I had one problem late yesterday night and I already got the solution in the forum less than 12 hours later.

I have had quick looks at the 4.x generation before, using VirtualBox, but finaly I did install the 4.2 as I wrote and I must say that there have happened a lot, at least visually but probably much more under thee "skin". The new theme looks very good and I try to get use to the new wm, I know that I can use fluxbox also but I assume that because you have made JWM to the new default  wm I shall try that out a little more.

I would say that DSL is by far the most fantastic GNU/Linux dist ever,
specially if you consider the size, speed and compability.

So thanks again all of you working with DSL.  :D

Posted by john.martzouco on Dec. 20 2007,12:10
I'd like to add my voice to the big HURRAH!  Robert and associates are giving us a huge gift with this amazing project!  


Thank you!

Posted by Nigadoo on Dec. 21 2007,17:03

Been testing with Virtual PC, and looks wonderful.  I'll  be updating (frugal) all 4 laptops over the holidays with this version:
* Digital HiNote VP, 24MB of RAM
* Compaq 1570DM, 48MB RAM
* NEC Versa 6050MH, 48MB RAM
* NEC Versa 6060, 80MB RAM

Best wishes for a merry X-mas, happy holidays, and happy new year!

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