i need new ALSA driver for dsl 4.X ?

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Topic: i need new ALSA driver for dsl 4.X ?
started by: MikeRam

Posted by MikeRam on Dec. 21 2007,22:35
I need a new ALSA library for dsl 4.X instead of that used in 3.X ?
ALSA-Drivers-1.0.11.dsl (and relative command modprobe) works on dsl 3.X but on dsl 4.X i read that modprobe can't locate modules.
How can i solve the problem ?

Posted by roberts on Dec. 21 2007,23:28
DSL v4.x is using the same kernel, 2.4.31, that DSL v2.0 and v2.1 did. So try the extension alsa4dslv2.dsl in the system area. Those modules are for kernel 2.4.31 and should work.
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