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started by: kuky

Posted by kuky on Jan. 01 2008,23:06
how i begin with a aproach top-down (i think by the response, with a utopic vision and its not mature the task to create a task force to  improve dsl ,i freeze the initial post...)

I reorder the question with a aproach down-top and begin the thread with a statistics to mature the state of the art.

dsl have actually about 8011 post (tree hours before)..and 1053 register users.

the top ten users are
user                     posts
---------              --------
1 mikshaw               4474
2 cbagger01             4264
3 roberts                  4223
4 ^thehatsrule^       2824
5 ke4nt1                  2318
6 SaidinUnleashed    1245
7 AwPhuch               1335
8 curaga                  1286
9 Juanito                 1093
10 doobit                   911
11 clivesay                  872

how there are 8011 post in the initial page i supoused that a filter can be done because the sum of these list its more,  but its  representative  who is work hard in dsl...the users in position 10-63 kuky (myself) down to 139 and the user 100 aprox  struppi  post 92.

about the first 25 users  post more than 400 post per user , and seem to be programmers in linux code and have dsl in his mind, there are some users of the rest that are rising that have the same idea how stid and john.martzouco...

how can be useful to have more information i recommended to do the next...
for a pool with the database "members" of the 100 users with more post, write the next fields (to now if you are in, go to members and order by post ascendents and 100 lines per page, if you are in the first page answer the fields of your profile..)
only in your interest and location.

status : Professional  of pc or work in other jobs...
member level : linux programmer , linux user and newbie
interests : light use of dsl (internet and email) offimatic use others
location : Country and language

thanks to top ten for your work

Posted by kuky on Jan. 10 2008,21:36

Some suggestion??

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