After frugal hd install no network? DSL 4.2.3

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Topic: After frugal hd install no network? DSL 4.2.3
started by: vilde

Posted by vilde on Jan. 08 2008,15:17
Network ok with DHCP with live cd, then after frugal install on hd, running "toram" the network doesn't work. On boot it says DHCP....backgrouding. But when I look in "stats" "net" it looks like DHCP is not working. And Networkconfig > marking DHCP > save, doesn't work either.
Posted by roberts on Jan. 08 2008,16:39
I am running 4.2.3 frugal toram and network is fine.
Running frugal and live CD is basically the same, running from the compressed KNOPPIX image. Perhaps do a checksum on KNOPPIX image on cd and compare with copied version on hard drive,n or just reinstall.

Posted by vilde on Jan. 08 2008,16:49
I have reinstalled 3 times already, but maybe I shall try to burn another cd?
How do I check the checksum?

Posted by chaostic on Jan. 08 2008,19:54
Give us the output of
ifconfig -a
sudo pump -s

And also try
sudo ifconfig eth0 up
sudo pump -i eth0

Posted by vilde on Jan. 09 2008,14:15
Now I tried with another cd but the same result.

@ chaostic, all the pump* commands give "Operation failed"

As for the output I donīt know how to get the text here so I did an image??

And here the output from live cd also running toram:


I tried to exchange the image to a DSL 4.0, that gave the same result.

Then I moved the hd to another box and there it works without problems.

That was anyway mo goal, the hd shall be on yet another box, which I don't have here so I think it will work for me now. The problem on the box I used for the installation is still there but for me it doesn't really matter anymore. Thanks for the help anyway  :)

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