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Topic: how to customize DSL?
started by: toufu

Posted by toufu on Jan. 09 2008,19:11
I only have a 128M compact flash card in cf to ide adapter. Only a few applications are needed (such as wireless, NX, firefox2, GTK2, ssh). Can I build my version of DSL installation disk. Other apps are removed.
Posted by curaga on Jan. 10 2008,15:53
Sure. It's called remastering, and meo has very good instructions for it (search the forum)

And when you install some of that stuff into the base, booting is faster when compared to loading gtk2 etc. as extensions :)

Posted by toufu on Jan. 10 2008,18:37
the problem is how to remove those existing apps in a clean way. some shared libraries may become useless after apps are deleted.
Posted by curaga on Jan. 10 2008,18:51
Well, it is hard to decide if a library has become useless, and it might really suck having deleted a library and then discovering some app needs it..

I wonder what you mean with "clean". After unpacking, they can be removed just with rm. There is no package manager that would delete the app and all files that go with it, so there's some manual work if you want the smallest possible size.

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