checksum for current.iso doesn't match

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Topic: checksum for current.iso doesn't match
started by: hideoushag

Posted by hideoushag on Feb. 24 2008,08:59
I downloaded the current.iso from the first mirror on the list (  The checksum doesn't match - but having scouted around a bit, the checksum for 4.2.5.iso does match.  I'm thinking that the current.iso may have been updated to 4.2.5, but the checksum wasn't - do you think that that is the case, and that my download is ok?

(I tried downloading a while ago and the checksum didn't match - I downloaded again from another mirror, but they still didn't match.  It took a while to get authorisation to post here, so my memory is a bit sketchy as to what happened last time - if the checksum on the mirror is wrong, downloading it again won't help.....)

Thanks for any help.

Posted by roberts on Feb. 24 2008,19:21
Yes. The checksum for dsl-4.2.5 is correct.

current.iso is a link to dsl-4.2.5.iso and its checksum needed to be updated. It is now corrected.

Thanks for the heads up!

Posted by hideoushag on Feb. 25 2008,09:56
Thanks very much  :)
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