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started by: Peaceful

Posted by Peaceful on Feb. 28 2008,16:00
I am a Linux newbie and I am running DSL on an old PC.  I use Firefox.  When I run my band's web site the colors all come out wrong: blues are red, reds are blue, "And we decide which is right, and which is an illusion".  No discernible logic to it. Try it and let me know It should have a blue mottled background and a red FORUM button, etc.  Plus the window borders are this sickly yellow with white letters.  The borders change on their own.  Is it me or am I in the Twilinux Zone?

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This is not a plug for the band, I did have some comments re the site from one Mac user although another viewed it OK. Just trying to be of service to our fan.

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Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 28 2008,16:27
Your screen colours are probably inversed.  You could try lowering your display resolution/bitdepth/etc, or try using fb* bootlabels and change xserver to xfbdev, and/or vga= cheatcodes, or try another xserver i.e. via mydsl.  There could also be an option to increase allocated vram should you have a system with shared memory, which may also help.
Posted by curaga on Feb. 28 2008,16:51
I use Opera and the colors are as you described, blue bg and red forum button..
Posted by Peaceful on Feb. 28 2008,17:08
Bingo!  The display resolution option worked first time.  Thank you. :laugh:  :D  :laugh:  :D
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