DSL's firefox no longer works with Google docs

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Topic: DSL's firefox no longer works with Google docs
started by: WDef

Posted by WDef on April 06 2008,16:36
I have been happily using google docs with dsl's firefox 1.0.6 and the java jre uci, no problems.

Today I tried to view a shared doc and up popped:

Oops, you need Firefox-1.0.7 or higher.

Posted by roberts on April 06 2008,17:18
John and I debated about Firefox. We were about to release 4.3RC1 with FFv2-gtk1 but it was pulled at the last moment. FFv2 uses way more ram than our current one. The thought was that many of the smaller ram machines would not be able to run the newer version.

The Firefox project started as an alternative to Mozilla to be a small footprint browser. But now like most all things it too is quite large.

For now use the gtk1 version of FFv2 in the repository uci section.


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