How to change screen resolution and depth?

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Topic: How to change screen resolution and depth?
started by: Roygus

Posted by Roygus on April 10 2008,07:58
Hi there from another Noob.

I have read the posting suggestions and hope my question will meet the standards. I have searched the site looking for an answer to my question and have not as yet found one.

I am running a Dell Latitude CPI D233ST with only 96MB of RAM and which is intended for use solely as an email/net surfer and basic word processor.

Running DSL from the CD drive, the display comes up in an unreadable, low res, green and white only display. I am unable to try DSl because I can't make out anything on the screen! (My display is fine as I write this from Windows.)

How do I change the screen display for DSL use, please?

Thanks for any and all help.


Posted by Juanito on April 10 2008,08:40
If you enter "dsl 2" at the boot screen, the dsl boot process will stop in terminal mode. You can then type "xsetup" (or maybe "") which will allow you to configure the screen, mouse & keyboard.

You could start by trying something like 640x480x16 - once you have exited xsetup, type "startx" to enter gui mode.

Posted by andrewb on April 10 2008,10:28
Have you looked at the Wiki? Screen resolution issues when using the framebuffer are dealt with at:

< >

There is also a link at the foot of that page to info on running XFree in DSL.

Posted by Roygus on April 12 2008,02:50
Thanks for both replies and suggestions. I will try them at my earliest opportunity.
Posted by roberts on April 12 2008,03:12
When running from the CD at the very first boot prompt press F2 or F3 to see boot options, eg,

dsl vga=normal

Try framebuffer for older laptops, and try the various vga=xxx codes.

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