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started by: royvw56

Posted by royvw56 on June 05 2008,03:17
I'm running dsl 4.3 frugal install, and am new to dsl.  I see mydslbrowser come up for a second and then it disappears.  Do I have a configuration problem or what?
Posted by roberts on June 05 2008,03:40
Assuming that it was working, perhaps you got caught in the "bad" database incident.

Double Click on MyDSL folder on your desktop.
Check to see if you have the database file, mydslinfo.bz2
If you do have this and want to delete it to start fresh then...

Right Click on mydslinfo.bz2, select Delete, then Yes to confirm.
This will delete the bad database.

Now Double Click on the MyDSL icon to start fresh, you will be prompted to download the datase.

Posted by JohnJS on June 05 2008,16:33
Unable to update mydsl database. Tried deleting from Mydsl icon with no success. Deleted from my storage HDA3 okay but the new download gives "Cannot read database mydslinfo.bz2. Please try updating again". Tried several times with same result.
(using 4.4rc2 frugal lilo)
Edit: In /tmp have several instances of "LUA_xxxx" corresponding to the number of attempts to download.

Posted by curaga on June 05 2008,17:13
Try another mirror?
Posted by JohnJS on June 05 2008,18:56
Quote (curaga @ June 05 2008,17:13)
Try another mirror?

Yes curaga:
I can download from other mirrors.
Just reporting difficulty using the Mydsl App in 4.4rc2.
Edit: Perhaps this should be in the Release Candidates forum.

Edit 6/6 Just performed a clean install of 4.4rc2. Now MyDSL works correctly downloading mydslinfo.bz2

Noticed the mydsl icon on desktop now has the correct image (a package) previously it was just a solid color.

Posted by royvw56 on June 06 2008,03:50
Thanks Roberts--MyDslBrowser is now working and I can install extensions.  I was about to discard this old Thinkpad--MS Windows had slowed it down to a crawl.  DSL has extended its life.  Thanks again. --Roy
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