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Topic: Mount partitions to access files or write to CD
started by: setecio

Posted by setecio on June 09 2008,21:19

I'm trying the new DSL 4.4 on live CD and have two ext2  partitions on the hard drive which I am trying to access to write some files from them onto CD while in live CD DSL.

I remember in the 3 series that there was a mount tool on the bottom right of the screen to mount partitions and then I could see them in elemfm.

However I don't see that mount tool in 4.4 so things must have changed and I can't find an obvious mount tool in the menus. I'm stuck.

So from a running DSL 4.4 live CD, how can I get access (mount the partition ? )to the files on the hard drive partitions and how do I write them to CD. I have 2 CD drives and the CD writer now has a blank CD-R in it awaiting action, the other has the DSL live CD.


Posted by lucky13 on June 09 2008,23:06
Right click on any of the desktop icons and scroll to mount. Select the partition(s) you want mounted. Do the same to umount when you're finished. You can open windows via icons for the mount points and drag and drop as desired. Read the getting started document for information about how dfm (desktop icons) works for file management tasks.

You can also mount from a terminal or open emelfm (file manager with an icon in the tray along the bottom and a menu entry in apps-tools). Then go to /mnt and find the partition(s) you want to mount. Right click to mount and umount. Etc.

Posted by setecio on June 10 2008,08:01
I new it was somthing simple. Thanks.

Unfortunately the default theme/windows/text colours seem to cause problems on my machine and when I go to select files to write to CD the file names are in black and the background of the window is in black so I can't read anything. Similarly the minimise/max button on the frame of Firefox have done the same and disappeared into blackness. Is this peculiar to myself or should I just change the colour theme ?

Posted by lucky13 on June 10 2008,11:46
Do you have the right resolution set up for your video? Did you mess with any of the defaults? Which apps are you using?
Posted by setecio on June 10 2008,18:53
I just booted from a new live CD, however I now see a message immediately after I press enter to boot which says

You passed an unidentified mode number, press return to see video modes available or space or wait 30 seconds to continue.

I was just continuing but going into these modes it offers seven rows x columns options, some allow me to see writing in the cd burner app.

So now I can choose an option to see the writing however I can't work out how to use the thing and burn my files to a CD-R.
Is there a guide to the CD burning app anywhere ?


Posted by curaga on June 10 2008,19:06
The text mode shouldn't have any impact on X consoles, or do you boot to text mode only?

There are also easy to use, graphical cd burners in MyDSL, K3B and xcdroast. Between them I'd recommend Xcdroast, it's smaller and more recent.

Posted by lucky13 on June 10 2008,19:17
I was just continuing but going into these modes it offers seven rows x columns options, some allow me to see writing in the cd burner app.

Please see the wiki page for cheatcodes or use F2 and F3 when you boot to get a list of them. Among them are cheatcodes for vga and framebuffer, and you can run (in console) to set up the proper resolution for your video. You'll get kind of an acid trip effect if you go beyond your hardware's abilities and, e.g., run 1024x768 if your card only handles 800x600 or 640x480. If you set up correctly, the colors shouldn't change and nothing should disappear from the window decorations.

Do what curaga recommended if you want a graphical burn tool.

Posted by setecio on June 10 2008,21:12
I was booting the live CD on a Dell domension 2400 (about 4 years old) but also tried it on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4200 laptop (about 8 years old).

The difference is amazing - The Toshiba boots into a really smooth nice looking desktop, the Dell looks aweful and obviously needs some tweaking/cheat codes (Yes it looks acid trippy with yellow edging and pixelated desktop). It made me wonder if comments on another post about DSL 4.4 looking aweful were coming from someone who is seeing what I see on my Dell.

My reason for trying to get the basic CD burner to work is so I can have the live CD handy to rescue broken machines and write the files to CD without having to connect to the net and install some new apps.

Posted by lucky13 on June 10 2008,21:30
While the Knoppix autoconfig script is usually pretty good, it's not perfect at detecting everything nor is it the fastest way to get things set up -- hence cheatcodes. Since computers differ in terms of their hardware, DSL can boot perfectly without any assistance on some computers while requiring cheatcodes, modules, or extensions with other things. Search the forums (and wiki) for your particular model and see how others have succeeded in setting things up.
Posted by setecio on June 11 2008,08:39
I searched for info on the intel 82845 graphics chip (used in the Dell dim 2400) and came up with this
< >
which I was able to do.

It has improved things so I can see everything but colours still aren't the same as the proper version on the Toshiba laptop. In the Dell the desktop is still a bit pixilated and the taskbar at the bottom and the window surrounds are bright yellow instead of grey.

I'll keep searching.

Posted by lucky13 on June 11 2008,10:27
I mentioned extensions because that may be one of the video setups that requires the xfree86 extension to work correctly. Read the info page and linked website fully before attempting. It requires a bit of work to configure (check the website in the info page to see if a config file for your system is already available), not a matter of downloading and using.
Posted by setecio on June 11 2008,14:02
ok thanks. I'll stick with using the Toshiba laptop for now and check it out if I need it on the Dell.
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