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Topic: Knoppix_dir and /cdrom2 error + fix
started by: chaostic

Posted by chaostic on July 07 2008,08:29
I have started using the "knoppix_dir=" (along with toram) cheatcode, and have come up with an error. It always fails after copying toram, with a "Chaging to /cdrom2 failed." error. I have tracked it down to the minirt64.gz -> minirt -> linuxrc function "remount_knoppix". It always fails the test for the file "$Target/$knoppix_dir/$knoppix_name". That can be traced to the calling function "copy_to". The rsync command used within copy_to FAILS to copy the containing directory holding the knoppix file, the "knoppix_dir" to the target directory.

Rsync just copies the containing files (knoppix, linux24, minirt24.gz) to /cdrom2/, instead of to /cdrom2/knoppix_dir/.
The backup cp command that gets run if rsync is missing does copy the knoppix_dir folder though.

(Also, from trying to run the commands, the first rsync command copies everything over to the target folder, and then the second rsync doesn't copy anything at all, but still exits with 0, never triggering the "Copying DSL image failed" error.)

The quickest fix is to simply remove lines 543-551 and 553 (Remove rsync, and it's if/else, leaving just the cp command).

I tested this on 4.4.2's minirt24.gz, but the same problem exists on 3.4.11. (remove lines 458~466 and 468).

My boot environment:
Code Sample

    /boot.msg (f1)
    /dsl3.msg (f3)
    /dsl4.msg (f4)
    /dslcore.msg (f5)
    /standard.msg (f2)

Boot options of note for each distro:
Code Sample

dsl 3.4.11
KERNEL /dsl3/linux24
append ~snip~ toram frugal initrd=/dsl3/minirt24.gz knoppix_dir=dsl3/

dsl 4.4.2
KERNEL /dsl4/linux24
append ~snip~ toram frugal initrd=/dsl4/minirt24.gz knoppix_dir=dsl4/ fromusb

KERNEL /dslcore/bzimage
append ~snip~ initrd=/dslcore/dslcore.gz vga=792

Dslcore gave me no problems at all (Except as mentioned in the alpha thread, natch :P :laugh: )
As an added bonus from the fix, you also get a copy of linux24 and minirt24.gz copied to /cdrom along with knoppix, as it should.

(Oh, and is having "frugal" when you have "toram" redundant?)

Posted by roberts on July 08 2008,04:22
Good job. Will be in the next release of 4.x.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 08 2008,05:16
(Oh, and is having "frugal" when you have "toram" redundant?)
Yes, I think so.  And the frugal part would then just be ignored.

Posted by chaostic on July 08 2008,05:35
Quote (^thehatsrule^ @ July 08 2008,01:16)
(Oh, and is having "frugal" when you have "toram" redundant?)
Yes, I think so.  And the frugal part would then just be ignored.

Yea, I noticed that when reading the scripts. But better to ask then to be sorry :laugh:
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