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started by: gammelmarakuja

Posted by gammelmarakuja on July 08 2008,09:46
Hello...i found two major changes from DSL3 to DSL4 which i do not like: i realized that the dock application for mounting devices disappeared and you have to click on a icon on the desktop to mount files. And also by DOUBLE ( <= reminds me of windoows =/ ) an icon not emelfm, the normal browser i always used but some other browser with which it is not possible to change to a completely other folder.

So how can i change those things?

1. Get back Dock for Mounting
2. Change execution of folders to emelfm
3. Icons: single click not double

Thank you...otherwise it looks quite good :)

Posted by lucky13 on July 08 2008,12:41
The mount tool is still available in the menu. You can add it to your .xinitrc if you absolutely can't live without it. Or you can read the documentation and understand that mounting is as easy as right clicking on an icon, scrolling to mount, and selecting the device. Since DSL 4 has been out quite a while now, it's kind of late to complain about the changes.
Posted by gammelmarakuja on July 08 2008,17:31
Thank you :) i did know about the icon right click thing...its one of those silly things i was always used to n stuff ;) would feel better to have it back =] i will add it to my xinitrc, te question was further more weather i can have it like i did in dsl 3.x that it is in every single window and no movable :)?
Posted by curaga on July 08 2008,17:42
You can do that by changing to fluxbox, jwm can't do that..
Posted by roberts on July 08 2008,18:43
gammelmarakuja, with your stated preferences you should stay with DSL v3.x, currently at 3.4.11 Read the front page of our website about the differences.
Posted by lucky13 on July 08 2008,18:49
Why does everyone give jwm such a bad rap? Yes, jwm can do that. Enter this in your .jwmrc for whatever application you want on every window (and with any other options -- including two you can probably do without):
Code Sample


Add that just below the </RootMenu> tag and then it should work when you restart jwm. Sticky puts it on every desktop. You can take out the options for border and title if you want window decorations and the nolist option keeps it out of the task list. You can also add an option of layer if you want to raise or lower it above everything else (so it's more or less tied to your background than floating app windows).

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