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Topic: dillo
started by: davide

Posted by davide on Oct. 10 2003,12:03
ilogged in runndsl from cd
when i enter the help forum It seems that it looses my login and I-m a guest again. a bug maybe.
anyway it doesn't happen with this forum
sorry for being off topics, anyway.
here goes the question: how do I set a proxy for dillo?

Posted by John on Oct. 10 2003,13:43
in ~/.dillo/dillorc add the line  http_proxy=http://server:port/.

Posted by davide on Oct. 14 2003,14:03
it works!
thank you


Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 14 2003,14:32
Dillo doesn't properly support cookies and sessions, neither does glinks, I've had this problem, you need to use a different browser, firebird supports it and if you find firebird to large I recommend opera

Posted by davide on Oct. 14 2003,21:25
Thank you!
as soon I'll install it to hd I'll download firebird.
I've tried it on Winblows but there was a bug for the flash plug in. (in linux version there is not such bug, as far as I know)

Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 14 2003,23:33
The firebird script doesn't seem to be working right now (at least, not for me), so you may have to download the file from mozilla.org

Posted by alien2k on Oct. 15 2003,09:43
Is there any particular reason that FireBird is sudo-ed? I've looked a bit, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough. I haven't yet tried to run it normally, as all my profile data is in root. It would be quite useful to be able to run as the user, because otherwise downloads get owned by root.


Posted by John on Oct. 15 2003,16:51
While on he CD Firebird needs to run as root to work -- it's an odd bug, I haven't tracked it down yet.  Once installed on the HD Firebird will run fine as user damnsmall.  In the HD install script I strip the sudo out so that it runs under damnsmall..
Posted by alien2k on Oct. 15 2003,20:28
I see. The version I hd-installed was pre auto-FireBird-desktop-icon, and when I made the icon up myself I used sudo as I noticed it always happened when I ran it from the CD! I'll probably not change now, I'll just wait for a convenient time to download FireBird 0.7.


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