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started by: yangmusa

Posted by yangmusa on Sep. 10 2008,23:39
Has anyone successfully installed Google Gears?

According to: < >
the basic requirements are:
Firefox 1.5+

The version of Bon Echo installed is 2.0, so that should be ok - right?

However, the Google Gears page always gave me an error, saying that my browser was not compatible. I installed a Firefox extension called User Agent Switcher, to make Bon Echo appear like Firefox to a web host, and set it to "Firefox 1.7.8 (Linux)". Now, Google Gears appears to install, but doesn't work.

When I went back to the Google Gears page, and looked at the details of the system requirements, they are:
glibc 2.3.5 or higher
libstdc++6 (Gears 0.3)
libstdc++5 (Gears pre-0.3)

I haven't checked, but am guessing this might be part of the reason why it isn't working. Does anyone know right off the cuff? And if so, is it possible to update DSL with these packages?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 11 2008,00:53
The fx included is a gtk1 build, with some stuff cut/stripped out.  You could always try a newer version (there could be dependencies that are not written there).

Afaik, DSL includes libstdc++5 (5.0.5), some version of glibc 2.3.2, but no libstdc++6.  There were a couple threads on replacing the libc for flash 9.

Posted by Jason W on Sep. 11 2008,02:35
Google gears installs and seems to work pretty well with the libc6-2.3.2-22sarge6.dsl extension installed on DSL 4.4.2 with no tweaking of Firefox.  The File System Demo caused Firefox to crash but that is the only glitch I have seen.  Other sites work ok that I have visited.
Posted by yangmusa on Sep. 11 2008,04:10
Quote (Jason W @ Sep. 10 2008,23:35)
Google gears installs and seems to work pretty well with the libc6-2.3.2-22sarge6.dsl extension installed on DSL 4.4.2 with no tweaking of Firefox.

I'm running DSL 4.4.3 - and for whatever reason (other plugins I've installed?) I still needed to install User Agent Switcher to have Google Gears recognize the browser.

Anyway, it appears to work now - Google Docs, Reader etc are all offering me offline options.. I look forward to experimenting and trying it out.


Posted by yangmusa on Sep. 11 2008,04:43
Hmm, well the joy was short lived. I went to and enabled offline access. Gears responded by syncing documents - so far so good! But then it tries to create a desktop shortcut, and fails.

As far as I can tell, my documents are actually synced and stored in:
~/.mozilla/firefox/{profile].default/Google Gears for Firefox/......

but since Gears can't create the shortcut it thinks something is wrong and it doesn't work. I tried accessing a document offline, and a new window opens but just remains empty while it says "loading...." for ever!

I tried enabling desktop icons and re-syncing. Still no luck.

Any good ideas?

Posted by Jason W on Sep. 11 2008,13:15
One hunch, create a /home/dsl/Desktop directory, since the Desktop directory is what is normally used by desktop environments to store icons.

EDIT:  Yep, tried it and it works.  If you want the icon to show, just make the Desktop directory a symlink to /home/dsl/.dfmdesk.  Doesn't mean the icon will work, but it will be there.  

For maximum functionality, use a gtk2 version of Firefox.

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