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started by: webeye

Posted by webeye on Sep. 12 2008,18:23
I am not thrilled to learn stuff  :p :D but dsl is so great to be on the web with. I like the live cd but am trying to find the exact steps to put on my hd. I know the instructions but am not great at understanding them until I read something a few million times.

So there is my feedback. I just wanted to post while on linux  :cool:

btw hopefully this is the right forum compared to my only other post   :O

Posted by Juanito on Sep. 13 2008,06:46
If you're looking for help with a frugal hd install, it's quite well explained in the dsl wiki and various posts in these forums...
Posted by webeye on Sep. 14 2008,02:43
I know this place is great at explaining stuff and I will eventually learn something :)

In fact I already have learned a lot like using my cd in different computers and laptops.

Also I do like to read things over and over until I remember it and I do practice and find some amazing things like ctrl/alt/delete will NOT show you a task manager :D

It is fun to learn new things when you get my age.  :cool:

Posted by webeye on Sep. 17 2008,21:14
:laugh: Ok i did a frugal install. It was frustrating and confusing but with info from here and there and the live cd it is accomplished. Now onto finding out how to use swap and how to backup/restore.  :p

see ya

Posted by Juanito on Sep. 18 2008,03:28
Quote to backup/restore

It's as simple as clicking on the control panel "backup/restore" button and entering a location like, for example, "hda1"

Posted by webeye on Sep. 18 2008,05:05
I did the restore to hda1 and it works thank you :) Now I have a problem of the swapfile even though I followed the directions and can see the swapfile "hda2" it says there is no dos swapfile. Well I will copy exactly tomorrow because it is late. Anyway it does mostly work, I am happy for that. This install is on a old Dell Latitude that was virus ridden. So good bye windows and hello Linux.

Next will be to remaster my live cd I hope it will work ok as I can't  frugal install DSL on my pc with no hard drive.

Posted by Juanito on Sep. 18 2008,07:48
Next will be to remaster my live cd I hope it will work ok as I can't  frugal install DSL on my pc with no hard drive.

If your dell bios supports it, there is always the option to boot from a usb stick rather than a cd - this is what I do with my d400

Posted by webeye on Sep. 20 2008,10:08
Thanks for your help and advice. I am so having fun now with my old desktops and laptops.DSL is the best no matter how or where I use it. Next stop will be a USB. :D I found the swapfile posts and I now can make it work.
Posted by webeye on Oct. 17 2008,18:39
Hope it is ok to keep my feedback in one thread.

The reasons I decided on trying DSL are listed as follows.

It is a small distro but most important is it plays very well with old computers and laptops.And since that is all I have given to me I appreciate DSL.

So far I have  installed into a Thinkpad 380ed and a Dell latitude that was as mentioned a virus trap and it is missing some parts.I am going to install on a HP Pavilion that I am taking to my brother who is in a nursing home. He has met my dsl laptops and likes them as much as me.

Sure is great to have a distro that doesn't refuse to work because of ram and cpu processors being low. I read somewhere that windues saying to all your problems is Hot Damn You need more Ram!!! Also I was told my pc was to old and would only be a virus and trojan trap. Phhhffft I don't need no windues.

Oh yeah I am so happy to write commands and it is a good thing to cause I am trying for sound and got a zillion things to read and try. ???

Thank you DSL for being there when I needed you!

Posted by curaga on Oct. 19 2008,12:34
Please keep posting your feedback, it's an inspiration to read too :D
Posted by webeye on Oct. 20 2008,16:01
Well I have installed on 2 laptops so far.The last one is a Thinkpad 380ED

I use the live cd on computers that are not mine but I can use.

I NEED the book so I can read it over and over plus more practice.

What I really like the best about DSL is the way because of its size it seems a reachable goal to really finally get to know a OS.

Posted by webeye on Nov. 17 2008,23:09
I got my book and will be back after I learn Chapter 4. Configuring and Saving DSL Settings.

I am so happy.

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