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Topic: Where is everybody?
started by: WDef

Posted by WDef on Sep. 20 2008,04:21
Summer's over folks!
Posted by curaga on Sep. 20 2008,06:47
Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 20 2008,11:38
...and harvest has begun...
/me digs up his carrots

Posted by Jason W on Sep. 21 2008,04:45
/me digs up his hunny...
Posted by jaapz on Sep. 22 2008,15:33
Quote (WDef @ Sep. 20 2008,04:21)
Summer's over folks!

means school starts again, so prolly wont have much time to be here :( especially this year...
Posted by WDef on Sep. 22 2008,15:38
Pity, I was looking for more people on the forum rather than less. But I know what study is like - I might even be going back to do some more soon, at my age too ...
Posted by curaga on Sep. 23 2008,12:19
Screw that, I'd ditch reading for DSL anytime!
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