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started by: stunix*com

Posted by stunix*com on Oct. 27 2008,20:20
I didnt know where to post this so im sorry if its in the wrong place.
I have tried to purchase more 50mb cds but my usual stockest
< blankshop > no longer stock them.
I have found that sell them in 100+ quantities but i would only need 20 or so to carry on with, most of which get passed on to friends, collegues and clients.
Are they getting rarer and harder to find? where does everyone else get them from, and should they be sold in the DSL store?

Posted by technosaurus on Nov. 02 2008,17:14
I kept having the opposite problem - couldn't find large quantities except at disk duplication sites.  They would definitely be a great addition to the DSL store.
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