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started by: emusan

Posted by emusan on Dec. 12 2008,20:40
whenever I try to get into the mydsl database using the mydsl explorer app found in the mydsl folder I get an error:

Database check failed. This may be the result of an incomplete download or gremlins in your internets.

I'm using the latest version(as of last week) of dsl-embedded. I did an md5 check when I got it and everything checked out, so I'm guessing its a network problem. Thanks in advance for helping.

Posted by JohnJS on Dec. 12 2008,20:46
Had the same problem.
With emelfm as su  double-clicking MyDSL (in my case located in /dev/hda3/mydsl/MyDSL) bypasses the dfm icon and updates the database.
Hope this helps.

Edit: last update seems to be Nov 29.

Posted by emusan on Dec. 12 2008,21:21
horray it worked. Thank you so much for all your help. I'll be sure to buy the book now that I'm able to use dsl fully. It's now my favorite distro, now that I've found out how much easier it is to use mydsl then to use firefox and a mirror site.
Posted by JohnJS on Dec. 12 2008,21:40
Glad the work-around succeeded.
By the way, checking further I found that dbl-clicking dfm DSL icon and then right-clicking MyDSL and then re-recognize seems to fix this error.

Posted by chalbersma on Dec. 19 2008,22:00
Glad it worked for you.  I had the same problem and I just deleted all the files in /mydsl then tried redownloading, that seems to work too.
Posted by emusan on Dec. 21 2008,22:57
I'd already tried that and it didn't work. I think I'm going to make a batch file though that will sudo into mydsl, is that even possible though?
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