DSL 4.0  install On Compaq 1540 DM

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Topic: DSL 4.0  install On Compaq 1540 DM
started by: rokytnji

Posted by rokytnji on Dec. 13 2008,20:07
If you are actually reading this before posting on the forums, you are in the minority.

Howdy from West Texas. I've finally been able to post here, and am proud to be a member now. I did a full install on a Compaq 1540 DM with the great instructions from the How to section of the forum and would just like to say thanks. The laptop is now a functioning unit and I gave it to Mom, cuz all she does is play solitaire, but if she decides to cruise the internet, she now has that capability with out worrying about malware attacks. Again thank you guys. I won't post the link to the install I did, (in case it's considered spam),  but its in the url of my profile if anybody is interested.

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