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Topic: Building from source in DSL
started by: PaulFXH

Posted by PaulFXH on Dec. 27 2008,01:14
My experience with DSL is very limited (as is probably evident from the nature of this post) but I've used various Linux distros for about three years.
I have recently installed dsl 4.4.12 on my Asus EeePC 901 and it works fine. However, although I have a wifi connection I am not able to set up an Ethernet connection.
My Ethernet card is  an Atheros L1 which is, however, referred to as an Attansic card in lspci (Atheros now own Attansic, I believe).
The required driver is atl1e and I have downloaded the driver source from
< here >.
To build the driver, after unzipping I need to unrar the source file.
However, when I try this in DSL, I get a long list of "unknown method in" statements and a few which comment that I have a "file header broken".
The last line in the output states that there are "no files to extract"
Note that the same file unrars perfectly in Ubuntu.
Had I managed to unrar this file the next step would be to apply these commands:
Code Sample
sudo KBUILD_NOPEDANTIC=1 make install

However, when I tried these commands elsewhere in DSL, I got a "command not found" error.
So, it appears that I am missing some extract, build and compile tools.
I have already installed the following:


What else do I need?
Thanks for any help.

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 27 2008,03:33
I believe "unknown method in" statements tend to be the result of missing or outdated headers (includes).  What these headers are I can't say...depends on which headers are required by the headers and other files in your source package.

The last line in the output states that there are "no files to extract"
If you need to unrar, you will need to add unrar to your system. I don't think it's included in the packages you listed.

Posted by PaulFXH on Dec. 27 2008,04:19
Thank you for the reply.
First though, I'm fairly certain unrar is installed as there's a binary in /usr/bin/ called "unrar". Also, if it hadn't been installed, I'm sure I would have seen a "command not found" error when I tried to use it. Perhaps there's a missing dependency or two.
As what I tried obviously didn't work, is there an option similar to what's available in other distros where you can right-click on a file to be extracted/expanded/unzipped and choose "extract here"?

On the failure of the "KBUILD_NOPEDANTIC" commands, what do I need to do to ensure I have the full complement of build/compile tools installed in DSL?

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