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started by: lovdsl

Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 04 2009,04:47
I have been enjoying dsl 4410..(p3-600/256meg) I am customizing fluxbox on a thumb and although most things seem to work fine I have a few issues I do not know how to resolve.

here is a screenshot of the desktop so far.

< http://files.myopera.com/mickeyo/albums/688724/myscreen.jpg >

The first and biggest issue is the pppdialer...when I open it and click config a dialog appears but any choice (create,reconfig,delete) causes it to disappear..is this a bug? I do not know how to create an account manually
so no internet..I had no issues with previous versions of the dialer and config...perhaps it is fixed in a newer version or will be

the second issue is the program wmrack..at boot it appears as a tiny window in the upper left of the screen which I have to kill.. then if I open from the mydsl menu it appears docked and functions...and I like it. The drawer and clock boot docked in the slit. I added the three to fluxbox.inc and xinitrc ...this is likely solveable but I am currently at a loss.

the third issue is xcdroast..although the included works I decided to try xcdroast...it is available at boot but settings are not saved..I do not know how to get the unc and uci extensions to boot with previous config..the files are still in home... this may apply to opera also but I have no internet so did not test. I did not quite understand the file tool method if that is the issue.

I would like to see stardict as an available extension and also dia diagram program...dia is in the repository as a .dsl but does not work for 4410..the osmo calendar is also a good simple cal with notes. but jpilot is working fine

I added mount/umounts to the drawer..click the cd icon and the cd is mounted, emelfm opens and lists the content in the left pane. with music cd I just click play on the rack..to umount I click the ball below..I like this desktop but it needs work

any thoughts appreciated..


Posted by Tobiaus on Feb. 04 2009,06:08
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Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 04 2009,07:05
Thanks Tobiaus...very much
The "- w " is correct..I added to .xinitrc and rebooted...I now boot to fluxbox via restore=sda1 and the rack is docked along with the drawer and clock.

can you expliain how to save settings for xcdroast..it is available from the menu when I boot but does not remember the settings and I need to as root setup again after boot ....the xcdroast config file is still in home dir....I was hopeing to have it available to user at boot.

edit: as it turns out xcdroast is not a burner like k3b...I could not get k3b to work so grabbed xcdroast...I was wanting to burn folders...the onboard seems to add files but not folders...which is fine generally speaking but backups sometimes requires folders of  files..Hmmm

Oh the burner does do folders...SPACEBAR...ok
I added files and then created an image which is in temp.
when I click write data cd it pops up a dialog that says done hit a key, hitting a key opens the burner drawer. but the image is not burned.
the cdrom is primary slave and the cdwriter is second primary
the writer is mountable as /mnt/auto/cdrom1
the options in cdw were altered to that efect.ie cd-rw device /dev/cdrom1
how do I get this burner to function for me???HELP

thanks again for the  -w as it has made my day on some level

Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 04 2009,11:07
well a final post for now I guess
on my last thumb all worked well and I wanted to update the browser.
but .dsl is replaced with new extensions requireing a new install. OK

dsl 4410 is nice and I like my new drawer but although I have a new thumb and browser the dialer is not playing nice so no connection.

so I can live with that. if the burner would work.

well the burner does not seem to recognize the second optical drive. I can mount the drive and view files /mnt/auto/cdrom1..in the options for crw I can change cd-rw device to cdrom1 or /dev/cdrom1 or dev/hdb, /dev/hdc..I have an image .iso but cnnot create data cd.

so I love the desktop but no dia...ok use paint.
No dictionary..stardict..ok..no need..replace with a backgammon game.

I'm back to I want the burner and the internet would be nice..

solveable likely with help.

will move along and check back I guess

Damn....small and beautiful..but.damn

thanks...looking good.

Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 05 2009,03:00
Had some sleep..
Ok I booted the dsl thumb on this computer which has a single multi drive and the burner works great...so I need to figure out what to put in the options for the burner so that it recognizes the second drive on the other machines.

I also tested xine and watched part of a dvd at 50 %..at100% I get a few drop frames..this is p3-650 with 512 meg. curious if the limitation is due to vesa? as I play full screen dvd on this unit with xine..perhaps it is the thumb drive bottleneck somewhere...Hmmm

so I am impressed that I can boot on another machine with the thumb and also that the burner and xine work

so now I need to work on the dialer...not sure why it disappears...in a terminal the only warning is something about? fltk being a reduced set of tools?..I downloaded vwdial as an extension and will see if I can figure that out..

so Question 1: what settings do I modify in crw for second optical drive
            -just cd-rw device or also cdrom device?
  Question 2: is the disappearing dialer config a bug or an issue on this install?
  Question 3: is vwdial already installed? is the downloaded extension a good idea?
  Thanks..it's comming along now

Posted by Tobiaus on Feb. 05 2009,03:08
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Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 05 2009,05:57
Thanks tobiaus
I am pleased that dsl will allow me to view dvd although, as you say, I tend to watch from a more comfortable chair...it never ends does it..scru-ray..Hmmm
sorry..my posting is not very good but a happier ending is always nice

..it seems that this box likes dsl better..so I am going to get it working here then try the other boxs..if the primary cd is a cdrw then the burner works fine. I just burned some files and folders

I managed to get an account configured manually for the dialer.. further reading regarding the dialer is a must, as you say..I have no idea how I got it working....it detects the internal (linux friendly) modem and dials a connection. Opera extension seems to save settings after reboot...so far so good on this machine. but..still not sure why  the dialog dissappears.

so a little more effort was fruitfull....dsl4x is as rockin as the last with the slight disappointment that some older extensions no longer work..to be expected..maby someone with packageing experiance will repackage dia and k3b and add stardict...which begs the question:

can I ./configure.. make..sudosu makeinstall...on dsl? I have added gnu utilities

maby I can add stardict and dia that way...who knows, maby I can learn how to pack it up for dsl...ok a little ahead of myself..


Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 05 2009,12:52
The first thing I do when an application disappears for no apparent reason, or when it crashes, is to reopen the app in a terminal.
Open an aterm and type in the command that starts the program instead of starting it from the menu.  You can see the command in /home/dsl/.jwmrc.  I think the one you're talking about might be "sudo /usr/sbin/pppdial".  Maybe not?  Opening an app in the terminal will hopefully print any error messages the application give.  Unfortunately, sometimes all you get is something like "segmentation fault", but usually error messages will point you in the right direction.

In order to build software, you need a build environment.  The compile extension provides a lot of what is needed.  This is not to say it provides everything you need for all compiling...that would be a nearly impossible task.  Some applications you will try building will almost definitely require additional libraries, which you will usually need to find and install yourself.

I had built dictd in DSL a long time ago, but never sent it due to the huge size of the dictionary data (I wanted a self-contained full dictionary rather than a web-dependent client).  If I remember correctly it was very simple to compile in DSL.

The DVD issue might be simply due to your CPU speed.  My machine is 600mhz, which is barely adequate for playing video in general and not terribly good with DVDs.

Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 05 2009,17:01
Hi Mikshaw
Thanks..yes I did think to open in a terminal but there was no error message as I recall..

.it seems to open fine but is flacky after..ie I click create and the dialog disappears...

once it allowed me to create an account but then the next time it disappeared...

I went to /opt/ppp/ and discovered that the fake account I had created all looked good so edited there and created an actual account and am useing it now..I just feel a little unconfortable as I do not know that much about what happened.

I have the .debs for dictd still...I installed it to a hd install of 2.2 on a p166...actually I think I downloaded it for a dx2-66...anyway

It installed to the hd fine but when installed to the thumb at the time it would not persist and was lost at reboot...it was timely to reinstall each time so I gave-up...I found stardict for another linux..it is small and you add the dicts from the site...a good candidate for a dsl pkg..will see if I can install it later if I have the compile package required.

by compile package do you mean gnu utilities?...I did add that but perhaps there is a newer version.i'm a little rusty...thats green rust too..haha

I can play dvd ok on this box--p3-650 with 512 at 50%...good enough for me.

I'm wondering how to burn an .iso for a live cd at the moment...I can create iso and burn data fine but how would I create a live cd from an iso..

I did try the k3b package but it is not working....could search for errors as you mention but thought maby the onboard could do it if I knew how or there is another program for it....curious as always

thanks very much...


Posted by Tobiaus on Feb. 05 2009,21:00
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Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 06 2009,02:57
by compile package do you mean gnu utilities?
I mean compile-3.3.5.*, put together by juanito.  It might still only be available in testing, and for all I know might nly be available as UCI (that's all I use).  You could also try gcc-with-libs, which is an older package that is similar...has the compiling tools plus some common libs and headers.

I'm wondering how to burn an .iso for a live cd at the moment
I use the command "sudo cdrecord -dao speed=8 dev=0,0,0 somefile.iso"

Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 06 2009,07:58
Hi Tobiaus....I am not ready to create a remaster..I was just wanting to burn a live cd from the dsl.iso I downloaded...The little burner is working great but I could not find a means of burning iso to cd..it creates an .iso then burns as data..if it can create a live cd I do not know how...but Mikshaw has provided a command that look promising...

Thanks Mikshaw...I will try the command next chance as I seem to be out of blanks playing with the burner...

also thanks for the pkg items required...I downloaded stardict source from here

< http://stardict.sourceforge.net/other.php >

I have unpackaged  and will add the compiler stuff if I have room then attempt to make install.. often there is a ./configure -prefix=/usr during this process but I am not sure in this case as it has been prepackaged for the distros I have it on.


edit...It may be a good idea with this new insall to try only uci or unc..I was attempting to replace the old thumb with the same functionality..and add what I was missing from the hd install..ie the dict.I find an offline dict and dia very handy..there are few drawing programs that allow scale..dia is a sheet of graph paper and a pencil..I like it..star dict is worth a look if you like a dict also...with luck I will have my wish...I really like the new package manager with the option to just download...Hmm...THANKS

Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 06 2009,11:10
should I keep posting... here? or start new thread

installed gcc w/libs

Stardict has an configure option to disable gnome for gtk so I did as suggested

./configure --disable-gnome-support --prefix=/usr

I now get a Parser error....am I doomed?

checking for XML::Parser... configure: error: XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool


Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 06 2009,13:20
< http://search.cpan.org/dist/XML-Parser/Parser.pm >
Note the dependencies; you'll probably need more than this one module for it to work in DSL.  This is one of the reasons I try to avoid applications that use Perl =o)

Posted by Tobiaus on Feb. 06 2009,18:09
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Posted by WDef on Feb. 06 2009,23:00

Perl XML::parser is in the testing repo:

< http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub....testing >

Install perl-5.8.0.dsl, then perl-5.8.0_XML.dsl

Always browse the repo.

Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 08 2009,06:40
Ok...I understand ...thanks
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