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Topic: Still running DSL on the old Toughbook
started by: windancer

Posted by windancer on July 06 2009,10:00
I've been running DSL on my Panasonic Toughbook CF-25 for quite sometime and its been great. Took me a while to get the sound up and running but I did and also installed XFree86 and got that running with my videocard. My netgear pcmcia card installs on boot. Ive tried other distros and just cant seem to get anything running on this old thing. Looks like this along with windows ME on the other partition Just might be the last OS's this tired laptop will see. I still use the Toughbook quite often, mostly at night when im just surfin the web before bed and checking my email. I have had a great time messing with the various installations available in MY DSL browser even though I will break it from time to time its been fun and cool learning experience as I am no pro or even intermediate at linux. I hardly boot into windows and find DSL a very comfortable OS to play with.

Great Fun!

Keep up the great works guys hope future distros will run ok on this old tired lappy! Old distros of puppy linux ran pretty good on here but the new updated distros are starting to take up resources and just kill the old toughbook.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-25
Pentium 166
96 megs of ram
1 meg videocard

Pretty ugly huh? LOL this toughbook is very pretty and I can't seem to let it go its like a tank. Of course I cant watch youtube but that youtube will rot my brain anyway LOL

Posted by humpty on July 13 2009,15:49
I'm not sure if youtube upgraded to flash10, but i used to watch it with flash7.
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Posted by windancer on July 14 2009,05:53
Quote (humpty @ July 13 2009,15:49)
I'm not sure if youtube upgraded to flash10, but i used to watch it with flash7.
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HEH its not that I dont have flash installed cause I dont Flash kills this old toughbook and youtube kills it dead LOL It just wont play youtube videos too slow :(
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