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Topic: What is HAPPENING?
started by: jaapz

Posted by jaapz on July 17 2009,18:25
Ok ive been away for a while and now im stunned to read the thread John made in the news section "the future of DSL".
What does this mean? Robert is gone and he took a bunch of the most active people on the forum to work on a new project?
Is DSL still being developed!?

Posted by WDef on July 24 2009,10:12
I'm not sure anyone other than John knows?  Clearly people are still using DSL.   I sent a extension to the new repo email but nothing happened.  I have a number of extensions sitting on my hd that never got sent.  Some of the board members involved in the other project you mention do check in here from time to time and answer a query or two, I don't think it's a  either/or choice for most people (why should it be?).  The other project is very good btw. It has different aims to DSL and is modular in construction.  By contrast DSL has a nice little desktop and small app selection out of the box.

DSLs biggest handicap for some in practice is the apparent inability to get Flash9+ working, what with Flash (unfortunately) being all over the place now.  That handicap is beginning to shift to a need for Flash10+ which may  affect TC as well.  However some people hate Flash on various grounds and don't care.  There was a good chance that HTML5 would eventually render Flash unnecessary until recently when proprietary vendors scuttled that excellent idea by refusing to agree on a common free and open media format for the web (Ogg being the contender) - just incidentally  helping their friend Adobe in the process.

If you don't care about Flash, are not using it to run some production server or other security sensitive usage, and don't need the latest binaries (though there's quite a few that aren't that old in the repo) there's probably no reason not to use DSL for ordinary uses if you want to.

You'd probably want to load the Opera uci or more recent Firefox uci (2.0).  I made a new up-to-date Opera stable extension but the repo does not seem to be taking stuff. As far as I can tell.    John are you there?

Only the oldish Java extension in the repo will work with FF 2.0 but I read somewhere that that series of JRE was more secure than the one that followed!  Sometimes things get worse with new software.

Posted by Vink8 on July 29 2009,17:17
Seems no support to:
.svg        image/svg+xml

Stranger empty dir in

The help file getting_started.html seems no W3C compliant.

the Event file need a refresh.

I'm Italian and have made some 'evolved translation' of little piece of Dsl.

< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....1;st=10 >

I use Dsl on twelve years old motherboard computers, starting from Cd.

I'm not able, until now, to 'light on' with DSL:

my Oregon Scientific Digital Camera 'Yc@m or Ds3899'
(nor gPhoto2 or Gqview recognize);

my parallel port Flatbed Scanner LG 600P
(probably a clone of Network Scanny MM100 or
Storm TotalScan / ImageWave or
Primax Colorado 1200p or
Genius Colorpage Vivid+)

my usb Bluetooth dongle .BeKonnekt101

I want to create an Italian version of DSL.iso, please can anyone suggest me a program (Linux or Win) to do this?

Posted by jaapz on Aug. 04 2009,19:48
Well, i know what happened now between John and Robert. John posted something on the forum and this is roberts response: < http://www.shingledecker.org/andrews.html. >

@John: would be very *(#&@#*)! if you deleted this message

Posted by BobH on Aug. 07 2009,18:29
Well, I'm saddened by the turn of events and the seeming lack of communication.  This has always been an innovative and "fun" distribution and to see it wither without comment is a disservice to a great product.  Sometimes things happen this way, people move on.

DSL will always be a favorite, continue to work on the older hardware, but without SOME word from John on the future.................  R.I.P.

I suspect there is always more to the story than meets the eye, and I wish John/all, the best.

Bob H.

Posted by stunix*com on Aug. 13 2009,18:32
It was sad to see the breakdown in communications between John and Robert. It seems to me that Robert, without guidence, was taking the lead - Only to be expected when it seems John is incommunicado. As we use a few machines with DSL I donated $100 and heard nothing, not even my requested text on the page of gratatude, ahh well, Ive heard less from Richmond and we donated even more than that to them!  4410 is still a fantastic product from the last few years and should work well for at least the next 10 if the hardware trend keeps going.  By then we will all be using the equivelent of a Google thin client anyway!   John, if your listening, we miss you, and need some guidence on what happens next.  Im hoping just a step up to 64mb and 2.6.  if you guide us, we will build it.
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