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Topic: Why?
started by: princeshoko

Posted by princeshoko on Sep. 30 2011,04:44
Why has  DSL stooped updating, why has it been left to rot in the dirt?  Even the forums are dead.
Posted by hamada on Oct. 08 2011,19:13
Sad to see this project dead, but it seems that most users lost interest in it as it's main "selling point" were running on old hardware and today most new hardware are powerful enough to eun Ubuntu and other bloated distro in a "light" way...:rock:
Posted by RandyB on Jan. 19 2012,00:21
I am running v2.1 as I type. It has been a long while since I last used a dsl cd, but I was having problems installing an operating system into a computer and threw the dsl cd in to check the hardware.

When the  project was active it was probably the best live-cd for carrying about. Did a few data rescues and checks of hardware with it. Used it for the rdesktop often. Was my main operating system on the laptop for about a year after the hardrive failed. Its being able to  run X and useful apts in ram freed my optical drive and gave me a fast desktop for browsing, writing, and watching dvds and anime.  Found DSL to be  reliable, stable, fast and flexible and easy to use;  far better and more practical than Puppy Linux. RIP DSL.

Posted by stunix*com on Mar. 14 2012,10:39
I disagree, yes it has become stagnent, but Im still using dsl on a number of machines.  LONG LIVE DSL.
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