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Topic: In the process of revising DSL & site.
started by: John

Posted by John on June 19 2012,00:47
Hello everyone!  It has been a very long time.  I am currently updating this website and doing a small revision, as well as a bug fix release of DSL.

Part of the plan is to upload a static archive of the dynamic content on this site and then update the server.  My goal in the process is to keep all the knowledge accessible during the transition.

Posted by emusan on June 22 2012,06:39
WEWT! I just happened to be on my DSL machine right now and figured I'd check the ol' forums and see what was up, this just made my day :D. I would love to see this distro come alive again! If you need some help transitioning the server and such I'd be willing to lend a hand (I've recently been thinking of hosting a mirror as well).
Posted by John on June 22 2012,07:28
Thanks for the support Emusan!  At this point my biggest hurdle is saving all these pages statically and in a way that is still accessible.  I have much of it done, I'm working on archiving these forums right now.
Posted by damnit on June 22 2012,18:19
Awesome! Totally Awesome! Damn interested in continuing using dsl, is the scope changing? Interested in helping also...
Posted by John on June 22 2012,20:30
Thanks Damnit!
>is the scope changing?
Not at this time.

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