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Topic: nice linux distro!
started by: spiroth10

Posted by spiroth10 on Oct. 05 2003,00:26
very nice! its small,powerful,and comes with a GUI. there arent many linux versions dial-upers like me can download with a GUI (x-window,etc.)the only thing Id like to see in future versions is support for adding items to the desktop (there might be a way... I only fooled around with it for a few mins...) I also think this could use a C compiler or C/C++ compiler (it would make it better for software developers...)possibly gcc? well,not much I see for improvement other than that except for an MP3 player. the OS itself is very nice,the only improvements I can see coming are for software. it would also be nice if you made a directory browser (I made that name up,what I mean is something to let you view the root directory.) keep up the good work!
Posted by soinsg on Oct. 08 2003,17:44
xmms for mp3 and emelfm for file browsing?
Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 08 2003,19:40
While I somewhat agree with the file browser (terminal is your friend). It's kinda too small for gcc, however, you can apt-get gcc and g++ (check out the faq) very easily :)

Posted by donan71 on Oct. 10 2003,17:58
Try running from RAM wow this distro flies!!!!!!
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