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Topic: So far so good with DSL
started by: jdblockmd

Posted by jdblockmd on Dec. 05 2003,01:23
So far it's been about 3 weeks with DSL and it's going fairly well.  I've installed on a Toshiba Satellite 225CDS, pentium 133, 32 mb and 2gb hd.  I've tried to install Peanut Linux without any success, and have tried other cd based distros which are no where near as complete as DSL.  I did the HD install, and have played around a little.  I've saved this old laptop from the garbage heap.  I have wireless web which was the main requirement for the distro to work for me.  I have had a few problems installing programs.  Apt-get seems to bug out on me at times, and synaptic hasnt gone too well.  I've managed to install everybuddy without problems, but so far no other packages or software suites with any luck. I still have a lot to learn, but it's frustrating and fun at the same time.
I can't wait to see the next version.

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