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Topic: Floppy (NO CDROM) HD Install?
started by: gcarl

Posted by gcarl on Oct. 30 2003,06:58
Any Ideas on how to install DSL on my Laptop HD (1G) without having a CDROM and only a FDD?

The reason for this is that I would like to use my OLD P1 laptop as a VNC/X client but also have the capability of working locally on this cool tiny distro.

I think the process would be something like the following but not sure:
a) Put DSL.iso on LOCAL server
b) Boot Laptop with a LINUX boot disk and copy the files over somehow?
c) install the image somehow??

Im very lost I know...

Any help appreciated.. thnx

Posted by davide on Oct. 30 2003,09:01
read the threads archive.
I seem to remembers there are at least 2 post about your problemas. in both cases they were about successfulkl stories.
good luck

Posted by davide on Oct. 30 2003,09:02
please read the threads archive.
I seem to remember there are at least 2 posts about your problems. in both cases they were about successfull stories.
good luck

Posted by racerx1313 on Nov. 01 2003,22:32
If you have an adaptor so you can connect your laptop HD to a PC that can boot from CD. It  is possible to install it on the drive and then put the drive back into the laptop. See my post for further details.
Posted by /dev/nuts on Nov. 02 2003,21:57
pcliquidators sells the kit to use a laptop hd in a desktop $4.99 I think.........
Posted by gcarl on Nov. 04 2003,04:32
Hey guys thanks for the info.... I went to my local Fry's electronics and found the adapter, I will try it this weekend.  And will post my experience.

btw, I will be installing on an old IBM Thinkpad 365x laptop with only 24mb and PI 133Mhz processor.

any recommendation on what cheap pcmcia nic to get?

Posted by Steph291 on Nov. 17 2003,19:30
Hi guys !
I have also a thinkpad 365x but
with a Paralelle port cdrom
(backpack by Bantam
Series 6 model 181200)

How do I boot from that ?  :(
please help


Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 17 2003,20:33
Quick answer:

You can't boot from the backpack.

Actually, it may be possible but it requries a LOT of fooling around. If your backpack is like my backpack drive, you will need to get a linux firmware update.

You would need to do the following:

(1) Download a copy of the backpack Linux firmware update software from Micro Solutions.

(2) Boot from a floppy disk version of Linux like "Basic Linux". Then install the firmware update. Then download it to the backpack drive. Leave the Backpack drive powered up even when you reboot the computer later on.

(3) Boot DSL on a newer computer and copy the needed modules to a floppy disk. If I remember correctly, they are bpck6.o and paride.o

(4) Create a DSL boot floppy using the instructions from the web site.

(5) Reboot your thinkpad using the boot floppy while leaving the Backpack powered up. Choose 'knoppix expert'.

(6) When it gets to the point where it asks you to install external drivers, type in bpk6 and paride. Then insert the floppy disk with the drivers on it when prompted.

(7) Insert the DSL CD into the backpack drive and hopefully it will install from CD.

(8) To make your backpack work properly under Microsoft Windows again, power it down for 10 seconds and turn it back on. Then reboot into Microsoft Windows.

Of course, a much easier way to install is to do the following:

(1) Boot under Microsoft Windows.

(2) Use the backpack to copy the cotents of the DSL cd to your C: drive. Make sure that the directory name on the C drive is EXACTLY the same (IE: C:\KNOPPIX , not C:\Knoppix).

(3) Make the DSL boot floppies using the instructions from the DSL web site.

(4) Boot from the floppies and it will discover the DSL files on your hard drive and behave like it is booting from a CDROM.

(5) If you want to use your backpack while runnig DSL, you will still need to do the firmware update.

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