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started by: ilikelinux

Posted by ilikelinux on Nov. 10 2003,04:09
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is there any games in damn small linux? and if so : is there tux racer?

Posted by davide on Nov. 10 2003,15:42
please check dsl website

< packages >

yes there are small games available from right-click menu.

you can install dsl and then try to apt-get tux racer. It should work.
of course being dsl a 50 megs distro it CANNOT be included in the distro itself.

Posted by ImNotHere on Nov. 12 2003,22:04
I talked the devoper into putting in a NES emulator , there is also a tetris game and a pacman game but, the possibiltys are limited considering that its only a 50 MB distro...
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